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Increase of people trying to get huge amounts of work for cheap

I’ve been getting huge amounts of people who want work for next to nothing, these are getting hilarious! “I will give you good rating and you get more customers” his last message was “ok” - I think I sensed the disappointment when he didn’t get a 20-25$ piece of work for cheap.

A huge theme seems to be giving me the amount of time, rather than words, and when I ask for words they just keep telling me how long it goes.
Do they think they will get around it by telling me time? I never work with these guys anyways.


give him the first 350 words of his script, but really slowly so as it lasts for ten minutes


That sucks! I see that a lot in the buyers request. They want a ton of work for a pitiful amount of compensation, to the point that it’s not even worth it. That’s why I ignore most of them.

I’ve stopped doing buyer requests entirely. To be fair I have been getting a lot of good quality work recently, but everyone on buyer requests just wants work for dirt cheap.

You’re already undercharging at $25! Double your rates dude at a minimum, the cheaper your base price is the more bad buyers think they can get away with this rubbish they try and pull off.


Planning on it! Just waiting for my new audio equipment to arrive, then I plan to increase my prices


Definitely. Undercharging, especially so drastically, attracts cheap jerks.

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