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Increase of prices?

When they increase the prices. or its bug? Help needed. Thanks


I think you’re looking at the prices in Canadian dollars.
I didn’t know that we could look at the prices in other currencies, so this is new for me! haha…

(*Or maybe this could be a bug… I don’t know.)

Thank you for your replay @theratypist. I’m not really sure what is that.

Could be a glitch of some kind or result of some unknown update.

I have this weird feeling it’s in Canadian Dollars. $5 USD is about $7 Canadian Dollars right?? hehe

Yep, it’s the converted rate in local currency. It’s been doing the same on mine. Who knows whether it’s a bug or a feature?

It’s an optional new feature. :slight_smile:

It is a feature, in beta I think since it’s very new. It only affects display, not how we get paid.

$ pfft

It’s displaying the prices in your local currency. If you’d rather switch back to USD, there should be an option to change your displayed currency from CAD to USD if you scroll to the bottom of the page.