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Increase rate from 5$ to 20$

hy ,

working with my clients many times i have faced a problem that they demand work for more than 5$ so at that time i think that there should me a gig for more such as 20$ or 30$. this is a very serious problem and i want to know what to do in such case. can anyone guide me . thanks

You should write in your description what you offer for $5. Anything more than that can be achieved using multiple gigs in the order, EXTRAS or even custom offers. There is a lot of useful information here on the forum, make yourself a coffee and browse some topics.

i remember once i have seen there is a gig of 10$ , how to make that one ?

Reply to @shazzyrocky:

You can’t make a $10 gig. You can only add gig extras which, when bought, will add up to $10. But they’re optional for buyers.

@shazzyrocky Send them custom offer.