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Increase response rate

How may I increase response rate? It shown now 83%

In order to increase your response rate, try to respond to every inquiry within 24 hours of being received.



Try to respond instantly whenever someone send you a message

Actually, there is no difference between responding instantly or anytime within 24 hours of receipt of the message. It only matters if you go over 24 hours without responding.

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Yeah, you’re right. But responding instantly will help you to catch the buyer easily

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Yes. I just wanted him to know that it’s ok to sleep. :grinning:



So response rate is basically how fast you can respond to your client’s 1st message NOT other messages

In the new inbox you will be able to see a little click icon beside the client’s name
That shows your response time is being tracked

Try to respond within an hour or maximum within 24 hours.

Keep your internet connection on everytime and give a sharp/high pitched notification sound so that you can easily undertstand that you got a new message and hence your reponse rate can be improved!

Remember the record shown is the last 60 days record!

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What is this? I don’t see any icon beside client names.

Thanks for your comment

Thank you.this information make me clear from some confusions.I gathered lot of thing about it.

You will only see the timer icon when they knock you for the first time
As soon as you reply them you wont see it again!

You are most w

You are welcome! Good luck