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Increase Sales by Sharing

I always wonder that how to increase sales. How to share your gig on other platforms where people just come to buy. Any website or any other platform, where we can post our Gigs.

The simple answer is: go where your customers are. Show your customers (whomever they may be) that you have the services they need or are looking for.

I didn’t understand. Where to go? Where are the customers ? Any example?

You are the best person to determine who your customers are. Figure out who you are trying to sell your services to, and then promote your gig wherever those people are located.

Since you write resumes you could find groups of people looking for jobs, forums.
Figure out where to find the types of people who want what you are selling.

Why, it’s almost like there’s an obvious social media site with groups and forums that is perfectly set up for the task!