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Increase the 10 file limit in the gig delivery

We should be able to upload more than 10 files per delivery, at least the categories that deal with a higher number of delivered files (video, photo, etc.)

I constantly get more than 10 items to work on and I’ll either have to upload the rest on Dropbox or click the ‘Deliver again’ button.
But not all buyers see the first delivery (or they can’t find it), and they ask where the rest of the files are (even though I explain them the reason).

So: If a buyer is able to order 10+ items in one order, then we should be able to upload 10+ items in the delivery.

If not, maybe we can integrate a cloud-based service (Dropbox or others) somehow so the file limit and the file size limit problem can be solved. But that’s another thing altogether.

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You are allowed to use DropBox for deliveries. :slight_smile:

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That’s not the point, I wasn’t asking if I’m allowed to use Dropbox for deliveries.
I already know that and I think it’s clear from my text as well :slight_smile:

It’s easier to upload the files all in one place and through Fiverr vs uploading them to Dropbox. Even better for the gigs that Fiverr adds a watermark to the delivered files.

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Only to images, not videos or audios unfortunately.

I do agree that the 10 file limit needs extending. :slight_smile:


I have had some experience with this. Its very tiring and risky. One of the reasons why some of us use fiverr is to protect our work. So what if I upload on dropbox and give the buyer the link that means he has direct access without any watermark. :cry:

The 10 file limit does not just apply to the delivery either. With some of my clients, I send them a couple of articles each week.

Once you hit ten individual files across the lifetime of the gig, you must deliver it. you can no longer add new files.