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Increase your ranks on Fiverr search using VIDEO

We have all heard this statement “using video will increase your ranks on Fiverr” but there are different styles of video and the video that works best for digital marketing may not necessary work for graphic design industry.

I don’t really have the right statement to put it but what I am saying is you can get the best form of promo video that suits you gig and make it more presentable.

I am a video editor and for the price of $20 only you will get the right promo video that will
-convert your prospect to buyers
-make your gig more professional
-increase your conversion
-make your gig stand out among others
-make you more sales=more money.

And if you don’t get a quality video edit. You can as well rate the gig 1 star and get your money back.

So what are your replies and response?

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