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Increase your sales and repeat business instantly



But going to your first sale completed, click name, click on CONTACT BUYER and…

write a HAPPY HOLIDAYS message, mention you have new GIGS , thank them for Ordering before …ect

Repeat for all your Completed Sales


I just did this and got 4-5 quick sales



I think I will do that for all the archived messages of people who inquired about my family tree gig but never ordered. Great tip.


Be careful not to get blocked :slight_smile:


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: What this guy said. if you message too many people you might get blocked.


I don’t think thah @oranjewebdesig: is right. I have been contacting even to those to whom i havn’t sold any gig. So I guess Charleytakaya gave a nice tip which definitely will increase your repo and sale. I have been doing the same trick for my freelancer and I used to earn some good clients and business from there.


What you don’t this you should be careful now to get blocked??


Yeah as far a being careful is concern then yes you should not spam else they will definitely ban you.


How did you get down to 90% ?


you will get blocked if you send a message to someone who reports you. I got blocked once after replying to a customer who asked me a question!! They didn’t even read the reply and immediately hit the report button thinking it was someone spamming them :-j so you need to be careful.