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Increase Your website DA 50+ in just 15 Days

Hey Members i am offering fast delivery service + 20$ discount on my gig if you come through this post

I will increase DA of your website 50+ in 15 days for just 120$ if anyone interested they can visit my gig Search with keyword " Increase DA" and find me I am only one seller on Fiverr who is offering this service at this price and in just 15 days.
My Gig >>> Increase DA

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Another domain authority gig hammering another nail in the coffin of Fiverr as a reputable place for SEO services. :man_facepalming:

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I am an SEO experts so what can i offer other then SEO services ?

You’re no more an SEO ’experts’ than my left is a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi.

You are selling a non-Google compliant spammy backlink service that surprise surprise, makes the same claims as every other spammy backlink service that exists, and is predominantly offered by people in two specific countries.

Your formula is recycled, you use the same: “★★★ i will not provide any details about my work ★★★” Get out of jail free card as other people perpetrating your scam, and best of all, you are using one of the most heavily plagiarized gig descriptions know to mankind:

You are a liar, a fraud, and people like you are running Fiverr into the pits.


Just hold your tongue before say any words i will clearly explain everything to buyer first what i do if agree then i will send him offer and if someone misunderstand then i will cancel order but i am not a lier or fraud i providing my service doing and before saying lier or fraud you have to prove that just prove me fraud and i will delete my Gig