Increased BUYER REQUESTS per level


Hey y’all. I am a 1-st lvl seller on fiverr with around 40 days activity and around 40 orders completed. The “Buyer requests” section of the site had put me in contact with my most engaged buyer and I was thinking: couldn’t the 10 per day offer limit be increased according to your level? It’s a category filled with a lot of jobs that I would take, and it’s just sad when new job opportunities pop on the page and you don’t have any offers left.

What do you guys think?


Already asking for it -


It seems great minds think alike, then. :slight_smile:


Can I know why you removed your gigs, kjblynx?

kjblynx said: I feel the sheriffs, admins, and Fiverr's CS team should handle all that themselves.
They should. They won't. I wonder who the next helpful-until-the-frustration-gets-the-better-of-them forum guide will be.

Best of luck to you @kjblynx and thanks for all of the info you've provided!