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Increased Prices

I increased my prices before, but since I was getting no orders, I changed them back. Now that I am earning a fair amount a month, and getting more an order a day, with a few regular clients. Since last time I no longer am getting cancellations, except for one that was forced on me because of a PayPal issue a month after the fact.

At first, I just lowered my word count, which works out really well. I started selling for 800 words for 5$, and almost immediately changed that to 500 for 5$ with each additional 300 words for 5$. I have been steadily increasing it until I was at 300 words for 5$ and each 150 words for 5$. Now I am at 500 words for 10$, with each additional 150 at 5$, just to help get rid of those annoying orders that ask for a ton of information to be packed into 300 words because they don’t want to pay extra. I literally had to write an entire detailed erotica scene in 300 words, which was difficult as hell!

I am nervous though, as I am afraid that increasing my price will make people stop buying my gigs. Not because I don’t think I provide excellent service or quality, but simply because Many clients on Fiverr don’t see past the 5$ mark. Granted, most of my clients pay far above 5$ for my writings, so I should not be worried, my Average Selling Price is about 18.50 USD, with a couple paying over 80$ for my services.

I probably shouldn’t be worried, I just am. I’ll see how this works, and come back if it works out. This pays my rent and bills, so I kinda can’t afford to take risks with raising prices too much… although I do earn some extra from outside sources, so that helps a ton.

Idk, what do you all think?


If it’s working, it’s got to be good!

If it stops working, you can always put it back - good luck! :sunny:


Maybe, you can apply for PRO and set-up a pro gig. It’s just a thought. :slight_smile:

I was considering it, but I have not had any famous clients, and pro gigs tend to be in the hundreds

I disagree, not everyone is looking for a $5 gig, some buyers assume that $5 equals low quality, which is not correct, but quite a few think that. When I buy, I buy based on my budget, what I can afford. I also look at the gig extras.

For example, I refuse to pay for commercial licenses, so I won’t order any gig that demands that.

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I say go pro as well if you want the extra cash. Or you can try the new Beta, if you have it. And try a work around there and see if there is a way to make more for being available sooner? I would not know as much about the Beta as I don’t have access to it yet because I do not meet the requirements. Pro stuff I have just been reading about and it seems really interesting and worthwhile.

I had the same issue. My solution to this is increase the delivery time and put extra money for fast delivery! It works :wink:

You have the skill, that’s a lot better than having famous clients. Try your luck, you don’t have anything to lose.

Most buyers think that $5 equals low quality or at least the ones that I have gotten in longer communication. Personally, I have purchased few $5 gigs and they were top notch. :slight_smile:

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I think for writing gigs, it’s easier to charge higher prices for more specific subjects/niches. I charge $20 for initial research and $5/100 words and get very few orders or messages from search but sell to clients who have bought other services and need related writing.

Damn, this shows how obsessed I am getting with Indian politics…when I saw the “Increased Prices” headline, I thought for a second that it was the opposition’s attack against the government for higher petrol/diesel prices. I need to a take a complete break from Indian politics now, seriously. [As for your question, it’s up to you, there is no fixed rule. Do whatever makes you more money, try and experiment.]

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In my opinion as someone who did the exact same thing, go for it. If it doesn’t work out you can lower prices again.

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I say…

welcome to the world of capitalism!

If your demand grows (you find yourself overbooked most of the time), gradually increase your prices until you get just enough orders ON AVERAGE to fill up all your time. If demand drops and you find that you have free time ON AVERAGE, you will have to lower your prices.

In economics this is known as the “equilibrium price”: the price at which supply (the amount of time you can work on orders) and demand (the time necessary to deliver customers’ orders you receive) are equal.