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Increased Sales

I have noticed since the new “Digital Marketing” category has been added that I have been getting more sales.

I read the thread about it and as suggested, I didn’t change a thing on my Gigs.
At first, I was a little worried because I had a Gig that was in the old category “Online Marketing” (Sub category) “Fan Pages” and thought I would loose out on traffic because this category no longer exists.

It would seem I was wrong. :slight_smile:

My advice would be to not change the category under which your Gig is listed presently if you had one that was in the old category “Online Marketing” but the sub category has changed… At least not yet. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a couple of posts by people fussing about the new category. When I looked at their gigs, the gigs I saw fit just fine under Digital Marketing and even expanded the number of buyers that might be looking. I have to say that I’m a fan of the new category/subcats so far.

Thanks for sharing this awesome experience with us. you are awesome… thanks… :slight_smile:

Congrats to you. Keep up the good work:)

I also got the facilities of changing categories.

Yes its also helpful discussion for me, Thanks

Really nice , hope it’s will work for me :smiley: