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Increases spam on Fiverr driving me nuts!

The past few days, I’ve been getting an increasing amount of spam messages from new sellers asking if I can hire them for the translations that I offer through my gig. Just the past two days, I’ve received more than five messages like this:

Spammer: Hi
Me: Hi there! How can I help?
Spammer: I translations perfect for you dear sir you have job for me?
(Yes, it’s ok to facepalm at this point).

Naturally, since I offer handcrafted translations, I would never send my orders away to any such individual, and I do all work in-house. So for the first few messages like this, I simply said I’m not interested. But these people are persistent! I had to explain that I will hit the report button if they continue spamming me.

So I did. I now mark each of these requests as spam, and I hope the trust and safety team will handle these spammers.

Still, this is getting on my nerves. The people doing this have absolutely no skills to speak of, and they keep spamming higher level sellers.

This only started after I became a TRS, so I’m assuming it’s the same people (always from the same countries) doing this, due to the fact that the messages are very similar.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed increased spam on the platform lately? Especially if you’re a TRS - is this just part of the package? :rofl:


I think you really in a hassle because of some spammer. Anyways it will be alright in future as usual you notify them.


Create an auto-response for these messages telling the sender that what they’re doing is SPAM. Send the message, then mark them as SPAM.


The past few days, I’ve been active on the forum.

I think there is a connection?

Every time when I post helpful respond to topic here more actively (like on 5-8 topics) I get DMs.


Here’s the message I set up in my auto-replies to sellers who message me asking for work.

Messaging sellers for help getting started is considered SPAM. Please refrain from doing this. If you need assistance getting started go to the Fiverr forum, read the terms of service, and use the Fiverr Learn platform’s free course - Online Freelancing Essentials: be a successful Fiverr seller.


Indeed! I’ve been active on the forum for the past few days, in addition to getting promoted to TRS. You might be right!


You’re very diplomatic. I tend to have a shorter answer, and I report them. But it can’t be a coincidence that I suddenly am receiving so many very similar messages from sellers in the same countries. Maybe it gets to me. If another seller contacts me for advice, that’s a different story. I’m happy to provide advice both in the forums and on Fiverr in general, but these people are just asking for work in the wrong place, and they should know that spamming sellers like this are unwanted. It baffles me.


You are probably alone (as from working point of view) and you do not have a group of people who are all focused on Fiverr and you spend hours a day talking about Fiverr. And also you have skills, you found Fiverr, you decided to become seller. For most of them the steps are all messed up.

They find Fiverr log in, make two accounts, make some fast money by reselling stolen things, if they get banned, they change location of the “office” to get new IP, ID card image is purchased from neighbor, and then you have sites and Facebook groups and reddit for group buy, like one person buys agency account for some graphic design or stock footage or premium something and then shares that account with 100+ people for 5$. They split the cost.

And then you have selling of Fiverr test results, I will do the test for you, exchanging favorites, likes…

I mean, if I was not part of the Fiverr I would do video podcast and just read the stuff that you can find there, it is pure gold when it comes to their logic on how to succeed.

You have couple of TRS selling their account for 12000 USD.

I mean Fiverr is like one big Spanish soap-drama with twists in every corner. I just discovered that Fiverr TOS regarding Logo maker is not exactly correct since it says sellers for logo makers are long term sellers with sales on Fiverr and actually 60% of sellers in search results are new sellers with no gigs and no sales.

So how to explain that?

Everything is a mystery here.


:grin: OMG seems a comedy. Thanks God I don’t work in your category. I presume this happens often there. In Music I never received a request to perform in one of my scores.


Hello hello,
a TRS translator here :slight_smile:
And yes, I get spam messages quite often.
Luckily recently I am getting a bit less, but at one point I got a lot.
Usually it happened after I posted something on the forum.
People will message me saying stuff like “Hi, I saw you on the forum. You seem to be doing pretty good, please give me work.”

The part that simply amaze/shock me the most is that they would add
“I do translation too, you give me job I help you” or something along that line.

…Uh, just with that broken grammar sentence alone I can tell that you shouldn’t do any translation work.

Usually I block and report them right away, but there were cases where they said
that they can “translate Japanese perfectly” and they can prove that.

…and they will send me a Japanese sentence that was clearly done by Google. :woman_facepalming:


You should see the kind of messages a PRO/TRS sellers gets… :slight_smile:

They tend to fizzle out after a while.

Just reply something simple and then report/block.


My favorite one just sent me a custom offer without wasting their time on small talk. It was linked to a gig with a description copied from my best seller. And their introduction was copied as well, they only changed the name and decided it would be fair to claim they have 1 year less of experience :upside_down_face:

I stopped engaging a while ago. I just leave it at one simple and meaningless message to make sure it doesn’t affect response time and that’s it. So it’s just “Hi”, “thanks”, “Ok” and never speak to them again for me.


Maybe they all decided to message me instead? LOL!

Translation has been one of my side gigs. My main gig is in voice-overs, and all the spam messages I receive have been connected to my translation gig. Lately, I have been getting more translation jobs, but also more spam.

Indeed, their broken grammar is very telling in these cases.


Yeah, this has been happening since I got promoted to TRS. I get that it makes me a more attractive “target” for the spammers, but if I were a new seller, I wouldn’t dare to spam TRS/Pros for jobs. It has to be an issue with their upbringing. :rofl:


interesting, maybe these messages (the majority) are connected to the translation category? it would be useful to find other categories where such messages appear, to find a solution

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you are very helpful. thanks for your helping attitude


I have gigs in translation, writing and voice-over. So far, the translation gig has been the one attracting spam (but also a lot of jobs as of late), and I guess it might be because the spammers think they can sell me Google Translate. :laughing:

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oh well, it’s clear. the translation category because they can easily sell cheap translations… :grin:

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Yeah, and f**k all of us real and professional good translators… :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Out of curiosity how accurate is this translation @zeus777? (you do not have to respond, I am just curios, it is not Google)




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