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Increasing competiton!

I have opened this topic to share my experience about what is happening now days on fiverr , it’s not any kind of complaint, its just my feedback. I am basically providing visuals art to the fiverr marketplace since last 4 months and I have been really happy because I have got a lot new customers through fiverr and made around $10k!! , now it must sound a lot but things have changed now!! because of the on going completion which is increasing on daily bases clients wants me decrease my price after the 20% of what fiverr keeps from me! This is just undervaluing my services, this doesn’t make any sense because more than 40% of people are using PRE made projects and downloading free stuff from YouTube and what they are doing is just copying and pasting stuff and selling things for $5, what i mean to say is that fiverr should take actions against them!! not on those sellers who are working hard, producing quality material from scratch! Now many of you will recommend reporting those sellers but trust me its just not a single seller there are a lot!

  • And why I am so worried about this, why not ? They are destroying the marketplace! I would recommend to the fiverr team to actually limit making accounts on fiverr. And always review their gigs properly.

So you basically want to reduce the amount of competition you’ve got by asking Fiverr to stop people from opening new accounts?

So long as sellers have the correct licences for everything they’re selling, or are using ‘free for commercial use’ materials, I can’t see why Fiverr would stop them from joining or from selling.


This is not a good idea …You have created account and now you want fiverr to limit the amount .I can not see any logic in this recommendation .Because fiverr is asking for account verification to the users .And I think with this system they are stopping spam and fake accounts.Now one account per one user . Then what you want now ? .1 account per 10 people ?.. And I do not think that the professionals and skilled sellers will care about the amount of competitors . If you think you are the best then you will not care about those things…

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Putting limits on who can and cannot make an account is an extremely bad idea as observed on other platforms. Not only that but they can’t remove a gig if its using a template created by someone else as that person, the one who originally created the template, has to be the one to file the complaint; stressful but true. The clients will learn sooner or later that they get what they pay for.

For the time being, try focusing on your gigs and do any and everything you can to get it to standout from the rest. Don’t focus on clients that ask for discounts, focus on clients that appreciate what you do and are willing to pay for it. Requesting limits is just going to cause unnecessary stress on top of stress that sellers are currently dealing with in regards to stats and charge backs.


I don’t want them to stop but I want them to reduce and only make this marketplace available for talented freelancers not newbies, so they can stop wasting buyers time and first get some skills and then come back, and they are not using free material they are downloading stuff illegally which I have researched and i also have proof. I talk with facts just to let you know.

Totally correctly finally somebody understands my point rather than making it a pointless discussion, and what I meant from limits is to only make talented people join rather than people who have 0 knowledge.

That’s why Pro was introduced.

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What then - an entrance exam? :slightly_smiling_face:

The whole point of Fiverr is that there is no entry barrier. Anyone can sell - if sellers are doing something wrong, it’s up to Fiverr CS to do something after they start selling.


Definitely ! I am ready to prove my self and I hope you are also skilled so there is no problem at all!

Definitely am - qualified woodwork teacher here! Although not much room for teaching woodwork on Fiverr, so I doubt it would count for anything. :wink:

I got my qualifications before most Fiverr users were born and the internet existed, so that might be a small problem.


You were newbie and you joined here


Just to inform you I have been working for more than 4 years in the visuals area and I have worked for armada music , proximity, toby romeo and many more I found it very insulting that top seller like you pointing out that without any information.

I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be insulting.:slightly_smiling_face:

@arty182925 was merely stating the obvious.

Everybody’s new when they start, it’s what makes it a level playing field because there’s no barrier to entry.

If you’re so fed up with the rest of the normal sellers on Fiverr, then apply to Pro - problem solved. :wink:


And where I insulted you? We were all newbies when we joined here.

This could work


There is at least one major competitor that does something like this, but the scene does not look better at all.


That’s wonderful! You are a highly qualified and skilled individual! So, newbies should not even matter to you because, clearly, they cannot compete with someone as skilled and hard-working as you.

So, basically, there is no reason for you to be worried about the newbies entering the marketplace. :slight_smile: If you think about it, for an individual as skilled as you, there’s no competition at all.

If anything, only the experienced and pro sellers can compete with you. So, they should be removed and only newbies should be allowed, right? :thinking:


There are people that praise free market only when it benefits them, otherwise they become the most furious defenders of protectionism as well as any kind of restrictions.

In 1 phrase: They don’t like competition nor know how to compete !!!


My only competition is myself :slight_smile: I started this topic just to leave my feedback it was my opinion. In the end I am not here to start any discussion or fight. And let me remind you all I asked was to get rid of those peoples who are unskilled, using templates illegally.

Now you didn’t say that in your initial post - you just mentioned templates in general. That’s why I responded as I did, mentioning licences etc.

The illegal (unlicensed) use of templates is an entirely different discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:


You absolutely have no idea why this place is called Fiverr. Allow the buyers worry about the services they get here, if you can’t cope with the competition, you can check else where.