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Increasing gig price drop of rankings

So I started selling my gigs in March but got my first real sales in September. Since then it was a madhouse been getting so much orders I was not able to finish them. In november I also became lvl 2 seller - basicaly in a month and a half :slight_smile:

I know I was underpriced, that was the decision I made wilingly at beggining but now I raised my prices… As soon as I raise price, I am nowhere to be found in fiverr search! I droped price and whola, 4 orders came overnight and I was again positioned 1-4 for certain keywords.

Again I raised the price and again I vanished from fiverr search result…I am noowhere on first 4 pages for the same word that I was positioned 1-4 on first page…

did anyone else have simmilar experience?


ah yes… and the graph…

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So after deeper analysis I found out this happened to my gig

and this is just because I higher A price…

This is because you edited your gig.

Every edit you make needs manual approval before going back to SERP.

Happened to me last week and I just updated my gig’s thumbnail.


How long does it need to be reviewed for please

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@ethan_consults you can visit the seller support seller and if your gig has a similar status, open a ticket with support, so that they can get to it.

This will take time. Be patient.

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Hey @frank_d ! Thank you!

But what happens with ranking then? Am I also back on beggining?

For certain keywords I was positioned on places 1-4 in fiver search - will I have at least simmilar positioning once confirmed?

I sound like a broken record, but what you see in the rankings when you look from your gig (even when using incognito) is not telling you how your gig is ranked.

Relevance is key.

Fiverr’s algo has evolved past the “great performers get top ranking”.

Fiverr’s machine learning finally caught on to the fact that it also needs to match sellers according to buyer’s behavior.

This is a new discovery I made and I am trying to gather as much data as possible before I make either a post or a new live stream.

To answer your question about ranking: keywords is just a tiny part of it. This isn’t Google, nor is it 2009. Things have changed drastically.

To answer your editing question: what you need to do is to wait 24 hours after each edit. If your gig is gone from results, use the seller help center to see its status and open a ticket.

If it’s back then whatever rank it gets, there’s nothing else you can do about it.


@frank_d my gig moved from the first page to the last page suddenly although I have 8-9 orders in the queue worth more than 2500+ and it’s been 4 days. Do I need to get worried?

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Clear your queue successfully and efficiently, and you will be fine.

I think I managed to break my GIG :slight_smile: Went from 4-5 orders per day to 0 and impression drop to almost none :slight_smile: A gig with 170 positive reviews cant be found for its main keywords anymore anywhere in the first 6 pages :slight_smile: And thats when I was top 4 positions page 1.

My advice to you? My experience? If you have it going - dont change nothing, not prices, not pictures, not descriptions…Don know how to get back from this :slight_smile:


It went downhill with my first interfering with gig on 17th of November.