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Increasing Gig Price = Losing Best Seller or Not?


If I increase my gig price, add more days to deadline, and edit gig description, will I lose my best seller status and rank?

Also, if I do all of the above, will my gig be live immediately or will fiverr review my gig first before making it live again?

Thanks for the help.


Hello, anyone can help me about the above questions?

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It’s not likely you’ll lose the best seller, I think this is just the gig you have that has the most order. Any changes in gig description do get checked over as far as I know, it may take a couple of days. You’ll still appear in searches. If your gig needs optimising and you want to make changes, just do it. The impact isn’t huge.

thanks. I was also looking for those answers

When I increased my asking prices, added an extra day to my delivery times and edited my gig descriptions (around five years ago) I did initially see a small drop in orders - but overall I made more money, had more time, and I wasn’t so stressed. Since then my gigs have continued to attract new orders. It’s impossible to say what will happen to you, but my experience was a positive one. The best advice I can give is to just do it otherwise with every new order you will be thinking “I should be charging more / I am stressed because I don’t have enough time, etc”. Good luck.

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Nice Question. You can edit your gig and they will review if there any unusual things caught by the Fiverr algorithm. Otherwise, they will not.
**But, Your gig will lose its rank immediately. So, if you have 7-10 orders in the queue then edit your gig. As a result, the gig will rank again with these reviews. :slightly_smiling_face:

Raising prices can be tough on a platform saturated with ‘I’ll deliver the world on a plate for $5’ sellers, but, as english_voice said, it’s more money per order and more time for you. When I increased my prices it also wiped out some of the worst kind of buyers - ‘I want the world on a plate for $5’ and I became much more satisfied with my work because I now deal, for the most part, with professional and friendly people who treat me as a professional instead of a dairy cow.


I forgot to add this bit to my post! I agree. The moment you raise your price you notice that the really bad buyers (the scammers and those who don’t really know what they want) tend to mostly drift away. This brings peace of mind and it means that orders tend to be more smooth and take less time.


Thank you so much for the responses guys and gals.

I’ll go ahead and increase my price