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Increasing gig price

How does increasing gig price impact the performance of the gig?

I am.having quite a good run on fiver…i started of with underpriced gigs but now I came to the point I am getting ao much orders I am almost not capable of doing.

So I am thinkig of increasing price by 100% and If i would get 50% less orders I would still be on the same line in revenue.

I am becoming lvl 2 seller next mont but I still have only 7 gigs because i cant manage to post new ones…


I think when your gig present order 3 this time increasing gig PRICE


Within reason, you should never be afraid of increasing prices.

Your best selling gig with 99 reviews sells for $5.

It’s really important to remember that in most Western cities, $5 is about the cost of a takeout coffee. Your service is giving buyers so much more than a takeout coffee!

In my opinion you should double your price. I did this about three years ago and I continued to receive the same number of sales. You might find orders drop a little, but this is what you are looking to achieve.


When your gig quine 3+ order this time your should increasing prices



Good job.

Don’t hesitate to increase the price. You can decrease workload for Basic package, for example 1 competitor from 10. Anyway I recommend to increase price.


Thank you guys for you input. I decided and raised myprices 12h ago…lets see how that goes…


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So 4 days in with increased price gigs…my impression stayed the same but my views dropes.

I am 10% of regular orders and around 80% down i revenue…

I will wait another two days and if things dont change I reverse back to old prices and (hopefuly) standard sales…

To be honest I am dissapointed…


Don’t worry about it yet. It will take a few weeks to get new regulars, but you’ll get there.
I doubled my prices about 2 months ago as I was in the same situation and at first there was a gap too. Orders slowed down, but it wasn’t for long.

It also didn’t help that I stopped working with one of my most frequent regulars, because I didn’t like to work with him.
But eventually my total revenue for the first month only dropped about 15% (and it could be due to losing that one buyer alone), while my working hours reduced dramatically, I didn’t do the precise math, but it felt like 50-60%.
It wasn’t proportional to the drop in revenue, because quality of the orders also increased and there were less buyers trying to squeeze everything they can out of 5$.

At the time clicks per impression went down and I was a little worried about that. What I did was adjusting the prices on my basic package. While they essentially remained the same, I reduced the amount of work instead of setting a higher price, so my basic gig was back at $5 and stats went back to what I was used to.

Now the number of orders and new regulars keeps increasing, aswell as my average weekly earnings. Impressions and all that started increasing too, not sure why though.

Don’t let the initial slow down get to you. It’s too soon to tell. You can always get back to your old prices, if nothing changes.


Have you read this thread yet?


I droped prices yesterday and got 4 orders over night…and they are not 5$ but 35$… Looks like there is to much competition fort this to raise prices…looks like I will have to keep them but try reducing the work done for it…will try it out next week


Ok… I think I am the most inconsistent guy in the world :)))))))

…4 days higher gig prices 4 orders total… I gave up went back to old prices, 10 orders in under 48 hours…

I saw that with lower prices I am put on page 1 position 1-5 (somewhere there) but after raising prices I am nowere to be found that is what got me thinking maybe I really did not leave it like this long enough…

soooo I turn LVL 2 seller and increased my price and give it a go for a week :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that.
Maybe it depends on what kind of gig you have. In my case the cheaper orders of clients with low budget were more difficult to do as well as more efforts. It means one expensive order brought me more profits and save my days than several ones of cheapness.
One tip here you have 3 packages and you should suggest price according to the budget clients would have. For example I offer expensive price to US clients and normal price to others else.

Hope your success


I instantly saw what the problem is.

As soon as I increased my gig price in am nowhere to be found on first 3 pages of Fiverr search. When having previous price I was poisitioned 1-4 place on first page. Now when writing “ETSY SEO” I am not not be found…

Waiting for another week…

And some more feedbacks… I went to resolution center you have there an automated gig checker if your gig is active. This are my findings:

So basicaly because I have raised my prices in gigs I am under some kind of review or something and off the Fiverr search for the last 2 days…retarded

I opened a ticket for it

So i hoped in back to the “raise train” … Now I got few sales but I am not reaching previous levels…gonna leave it for 2 weeks and if thinga dont pick up i will reducr prices but for fewer items :slight_smile: