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Increasing Gig Visibility with Image

Freelancers don’t care about the names they give to gig images, but Fiverr algorithm does. Ideally, you need to rename images with gig related keywords. Using a randomly generated file name like “aaa….wax.jpeg” is such a blunder. You are losing out on at least 10 impressions and 1 click per day.

Here’s a secret to increase Gig visibility through image optimization.
Use a keyword in every image you attach for that particular gig. You can use all of your keywords in just one image too. It will prove as a positive factor for gig rankings. The same applies to clips, documents, PDF and other file formats as well. By default, using a video proves more beneficial than just images in the long run.

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How can I further optimize my gig?
I have content writing gig, I used keyword write website content. In my title and description.
The problem is I updated it yesterday and my impressions are going down and no buyer requests

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Consider adding more keywords to your image. Be creative with your keywords.

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Except the gig’s image gets renamed automatically to be same as your gig’s title is, so it doesn’t matter what file name you give it yourself.