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INCREASING my chances at TRS! SELLING MORE by posting in the forum!


Oh I need to know how to do this as well. I could use it for things.


This post needs to be pinned at the top.


Fantastic tips, i agree with each one of them. So many people need to read this post.


Good tips really helpful…


I used practically every html code they have.


Very important topic. I started thinking. :slight_smile:




Very useful to read for those who are struggling to stand out business on fiverr. I also learned many Things.
Thanks for sharing.


Excellent tip


Good tips. It is important to do some good to others and then you will get good in return.


A lot of the “tips for new seller” posts should be deleted.


Helpful Great Tips (Y)


Fabulous points. Just noted down. Thanks


Thanks! Right now i am stick to the faq and trying my best to help others. Ones i get enough info or cooL tips then i will try.


I was wondering about this. Appreciate the info!


“I used all this HTML code to make something awesome and all I got was a lousy gray box”



Thank you for clearing these points, many folks are giving wrong concept about TSR, according to them it’s important to participate in forums/blogs to become TSR. I am happy I get some useful tips today.

    I used all this html code to make something awesome and all I got was this lousy grey box :-(


nice topic


When the last post is posted, the last response responded, and the last thread threaded, you will realize, that a TRS can not be eaten!