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Increasing price

Hi guys, i got this gig that i sell some service for 5 dolars, but i get an order that i would like to sell it in 10 dolars because i have to do more stuff. How do i sell it for 10 dolars?

I had the same question… Basically you have to become a level 2 seller. So you have to make a certain amount of sales, and have good reviews for your products. Annoying as hell right? You can read more about it, on the regular Fiverr site, scroll all the way to the bottom, and you will see a link that says “levels”.

yeah as kjblynx said yo can’t start at 10 dollars… you have to wait untill you time comes…

No you cannot start at $10. You can offer a service for $5 and then add extras once you reach Level 1. But there must be some service, or part of a service, that is just $5. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I have even seen some top rated sellers basically offer a $5 consultation service, and then the gig extras would be the cost to deliver whatever the client needs. For instance, I have seen a $5 consultation to discuss what you need in a testimonial video from a professional actress, but you have to actually purchase the extras from her for her to actually deliver a physical product.

Or, as others have suggested, offer your basic $5 service, and add on gig extras that can enhance the product, effectively delivering your $10 gig.

A great way to get ideas as to what you should be charging as well as what you could potentially offer as gig extras is to look at other seller’s gigs, particularly successful ones that are comparable to what you are offering. If it is working well for them, it could work well for you, too.