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Increasing Prices Out Of Desperation

I’ve been unemployed for almost half a year now. I’m still actively looking for jobs but being technically considered “unemployed” and undesirable by prospective employers has taken its toll on my mental health. Right now, I get around one to two orders per week, and virtually all of my buyers purchase my cheapest package which only costs around $20. On average, I’m raking in between $20-$40 per week. And with Fiverr’s clearance policy, I have to wait a bit before I even have access to these funds.

I’m seriously considering hitching my prices because Fiverr is my only source of income at the moment. I’m fully aware that Fiverr is no viable way of making a steady income, but at this, I need as much as I can get until I get a job. The thing is, I feel like I don’t have the expertise to increase my prices. Even compared to sellers who charge less, I have less experience (as a recent college graduate) and still have a no level status on Fiverr.

I just don’t know if this is a good idea or if anyone has any experience with this sort of situation. I can’t even afford tools that will make my business look more professional than it already is.



I’ m an experience seller and I don’t think it is a good idea to raise your prices out of desperation.
You should only do that when you have many orders.
Perhaps you should considerer creating other gigs and answering buyers requests.

Good Luck,


It’s hard to chime in when it comes to how much you should charge, but if you don’t feel you can charge more than you already are, then your buyers may think the same?

If I was in your situation I think I may decrease my prices, which is an awful long term strategy, but if you have the time to put in it may be better to work longer hours at a cheaper hourly rate than the other way around.

If you bring your package to $10 but start getting 1 order a day you’d already making more profit, which I think is your main concern for now…from there you just have to find a balance.

And as pointed out above make sure to make use of buyer requests.

Good luck!!!


You should only increase your prices when you can make clear how you offer more value with your gigs than your competitors. To do that, you need to understand the needs of your target market. You also need to research the going rate for the services you offer.

Hiking your prices just because you need more $$$'s won’t work. - It might. However, it will likely scare away your regulars. It will also quickly get you called out as being overpriced if your work isn’t up to scratch.

This is simply not true. Aside from the video component of some of my gigs, all the tools I use to present myself and do what I do are free to use. What you need to do is research how you should be presenting your gigs and finding free tools to help you do this.

I’m sorry that you are in a financial squeeze. However, the only way out is to take your business by the horns and make it your prerogative to make it better. How this is done is different for everybody. However, this needs to happen before you raise prices.

Not having even gig images is a huge marketing faux pas on Fiverr. Start there and gradually start taking steps to polish what you do and how you present yourself further.


It’s not a “financial squeeze”. I can barely afford food.

I put a lot of time into my work. I’m a slow, deliberate worker, which was why I hitched up my prices once I started getting more reviews. It felt absolutely draining to write hours on end for thankless buyers for only to get $5. If I wanted to make that money I could easily find a gig at a content mill (which I already do).

As for tools, Grammarly Premium costs around $150 per year and they charge upfront for the subscription. There’s a substantial difference (in my opinion) between regular Grammarly and Grammarly Premium. As for domains? Can’t afford that either.

I’m sorry but I take my work very seriously, so don’t even insinuate that I’m just a newb trying to make a quick buck. But it’s difficult to make the most our of your resources when you’re back against a wall.

I got the message. It’s a bad idea. Thank you everyone who responded.


I would imagine that 6 months of job refusals and whatever else as well as your financial situation has taken a bit of a toll on your confidence. I see one or two familiar names among your reviews so take it from them and their great reviews that you are likely worth at least a little more than you are charging.
For what it’s worth, I have been every level from new to TRS and back down again. No buyer has ever mentioned my level as far as I remember. I believe most wouldn’t even know what each one means. I started off with low prices initially but I haven’t put them down when I lost my levels and I don’t see it affecting me at all.

Don’t waste money on Grammarly or the like. It’s not worth it for a native/fluent English speaker. I wouldn’t use it or recommend it. If you did/do find Grammarly useful but don’t have the money for it then simply dissect your writing line by line after finishing. I mean literally - start each sentence on a new line and examine each one slowly with Track Changes on. Edit it, play around and see what looks and sounds best. You would be surprised how quickly you will see errors and how to improve texts that way and far better than any writing software would.

What Cyaxrex has said is true about there being lots of useful free tools out there too which could help significantly.

I think if you are realistic about a price increase then you could consider it, not doubling it or anything but even a little. You should also look at adding additional value, optional extras, specific niches with new gigs and a higher rate.

I remember longer term unemployment and it isn’t nice. The reality is that it will take you deciding to really do something about your gigs and sales to make things change. You can have up to 7 gigs, you only have 2. What else/variations can you offer? Use the time you have to create new gigs, look at other sellers and what they are doing, etc.
Best of luck


You could make a couple of additional gigs with higher prices, varying slightly the offering and description so you don’t have identical gigs. And as eoin said, try using some brightly colored gig images in them. Price them higher and figure out a way to make them more of a premium offering than your other gigs.

Trust me, I’ve been there and bought the hair shirt. That’s why you should take my advice and not interpret what I say as insinuating you are a noob. You are probably talking to the only person on this forum who has been homeless.

Well, I did that for 2-years. A lot of other sellers here did too. I would not recommend that anyone does this now in 2019. However, success doesn’t happen overnight and like it or not, building momentum is hard. In fact, freelancing is possibly one of the hardest things you can do as a career.

There is a substantial difference between Grammarly and Grammarly Premium. The latter is a pointless waste of money. That’s why I didn’t renew this year. Grammarly, though, isn’t your only writing tool.

There is Hemmingway Writer and many others which are free and fantastic for helping improve your writing. That you don’t know this suggests that you are fast-forwarding straight to "I’m in a bad situation, end off" rather than putting your oar into researching how to overcome your problems.

There are also free tools for everything from video editing to game creation and graphic design. All, though, will require you putting the effort into learning how to use them.

I am not insinuating that you are a newb trying to make a quick buck. However, the simple hard to swallow truth is that if you are so committed fo what you do, you would be taking affirmative action to tackle problems head-on.

Free tools that can help you get started:

  • Canva - For making gig images and lots of other fancy pants creative things like flyers, etc.
  • Kdenlive - Video editor for making gig videos with free stock footage.
  • Pixabay - Free image and stock video catalog where most resources are completely fee to download and use.
  • Google Ads - Free tool for SEO keyword research
  • Hemmingway - Free witing tool for optimizing readability scores.
  • Pexels - More free images and video.
  • Blender - Free video editor and 3D rendering app.
  • GIMP - Free image editor.
  • Sigil - Free ebook creation software.

That right there is an off the top of my head list of 100% free tools you can use to polish everything you do on Fiverr. You’re welcome.


^^^ Should be a motivational speaker, blogger and youtube personality. :+1: If he keeps up this type of thing.


Sadly, I’m banned from YouTube. :(. As I loath the human race, I probably wouldn’t do well in an auditorium filled with examples of them either. Thanks for the kind words though. :wink:


My initial response was combative and for that, I apologize. I probably wouldn’t have even made this post if I weren’t in this situation. I never anticipated freelancing would be easy, nor did I think I would charge insane prices to make money. I’m just trying to get money to make it through the week until I have stable employment. I was enthusiastic about the whole process when I started, but it’s becoming increasingly to remain optimistic after taking a few hits.

Regardless, thank you for the sources. I shouldn’t have let external problems affect my business.


The “unemployable” and “undesirable” thing got to me. Its insane how these HR blockheads feel like they rule the world. On the whole, you should leave your prices as is and keep applying for a job. Maybe a lower paying job just to boost your confidence… You CAN’T rely on Fiverr as a main income source.


I don’t know what kind of a job you are seeking but I do know that jobs in the hospitality business, if you are in a larger city or near larger hotels, are often trying to find employees for low level jobs. I actually got a job in a catering department of a large hotel, something which I was a disaster and one woman wrecking crew at, when I got out of college and was desperate. They even employed homeless people who slept next door in the park.
That was temporary for just a few months but it was what lots of us do until we find something else.

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. This sounds really tough. I can certainly understand how it would take its toll on your mental well-being. My experience here is that when things get slow and I raise my prices out of that desperation it doesn’t really help much. Unfortunately, if you’re new here, without the ratings and the history, it’s going to be hard to get the volume of sales that would allow this to sustain you. I know there are other platforms where you can also put profiles, and I would suggest doing that.


I will tell you that there is long-term success possible here, but it sounds like in the situation you’re in this particular platform will not deliver the quick results. And don’t take any lack of sales here personally. It’s crowded and like you said there are people that have lower prices with more experience.

I completely understand this. Sadly, my own experiences have taught me that… Well, its not what you are going to (or what anyone wants to hear), but sometimes when you are down financially, you end up being down financially for a long time.

At one point, my dream was to have a part time job in a local petrol station. It should have been easily achievable. My last job before that had been in a petrol station working as the night manager. However, hundreds of absurd obstacles kept popping up. I was a non-local in a city where that was a problem, I didn’t have a fixed address, I didn’t even have suitable clothes for an interview, etc.

I did get the job in the end, but it was a hard fight and now I think about it, it was a ridiculous fight. At my lowest when I could afford to eat, I was hunched over tea lights tying to cook fish fingers over them in a kitchen strainer.

That was a long time ago, but I’ve had relapses into financial Armageddon since then.

When I started freelancing, I was in a relationship and me and my ex had a nice amount of cash saved, We moved to a cheaper country where we could maintain our quality of life working part time in local restaurants without touching our savings if we wanted to. Freelancing for me was always something to just make extra cash.

Fast-forward a few years and my ex was suddenly doing a runner leaving me with at one point what amounted to $40 in the whole world. That was a shock and more than a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It was also not possible at all for me to just get a job. In this case, I had to make freelancing work. Somehow I did and it sounds like you need to too.

If I was you, I’d look at it this way. You have a computer. You can write. You’ve already found Fiverr. Now everyday you don’t have orders, you need to be finding ways to improve what you offer. where and how your gigs appear in the search, and all the while experiment with new gigs, services, and gig presentation styles.

Of course, look for other jobs in the meantime. as well as other freelancing platforms. Overall, though, you need to go into battle mode.

We live in a world where it is the going trend to celebrate feelings, equality, diversity, etc. The cold had truth, though, is that the world doesn’t care if you are poor, depressed, or oppressed, unless you have a few thousand followers on Instagram. The only way out of hardship is to fight out of it by taking what you have and finding ways to tun it into something better. It happens slowly, but it is possible.


This site usually isn’t the answer for most people to try to depend on for living expenses, until they’ve been here and established themselves for a long time. It’s not true for everyone but for most. It took me years of dedicated work and only $5 orders. I didn’t raise my prices for four years, although things have changed and now I would do that sooner.


Wow, this is encouraging and motivational on different levels, you really should be a motivational speaker!


You forgot to say blogger and youtube personality.

Lol, he would gain a lot of followers, changing people lives in dozens!