Increasing Sales


I’ve only received two sales and I’ve been on Fiverr almost an entire 24 hours now.

How can I increase that??

EDITED: I added more gigs and I’m good now, thanks for the tips. Sorry I didn’t read the other thread before asking!


hi uncarved,

why can you make use of yahoo answers to promote you gigs to get more orders rolling in.

make use of facebook,twitter,linkedin and other social bookmarking sites


Hi there,

I just go to your gig store,

the problem is, you don’t have put best description in your gigs,

people are interesting to know some more talents and offers you are giving.

your selling gigs are very good, hope you will get more orders soon


You should read other threads before posting:


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I’m beginning to think this kind of topics are part of some SEO attempt to advertise gigs on Fiverr. Otherwise I don’t understand why so many people put them up hours after joining.

Just saying.