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Increasing spam from fiverr 'sellers' on social media

Is anyone else seeing the link spam that some fiverr users place on newsfeeds with high readership?

Reading the replies to news headline posts on a newspaper’s social media feed there is often a rogue fiverr seller in there using the reply function to spam their gig. I know fiverr has suffered from the fake review issue with fewer orders now than previously, but this is not going to help the brand’s reputation either, is it? It’ll just put buyers off and drive them to the competition.

I report all these posts, mainly because I don’t want to see ‘I will do your logo’ on a social media post linking to something about the pandemic or a foreign leader. Doesn’t seem to be any way to get these chancers banned from the site though.


At different times, Fiverr links have been banned from Quora and Reddit. The spam is what many sellers have been doing when they say “I promote my gig on social media”.
The only way to stop these types of users is educating them but realistically that’s not going to happen as most don’t want to spend the time to learn.


thank you for the informative text