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Increasing the number of gigs offered

When do you feel is a good time to increase the number of gigs you offer? Is it better to wait until you have a certain amount of sales or reviews on 1 or 2 gigs before increasing what you offer?

Hi there! There is no “right” time to increase the number of gigs you offer. If you have a great, creative idea for a gig that is different than what you already offer, go for it! Just avoid creating a bunch of gigs that are all alike. You’ll want to load up on positive reviews for just one gig, rather than have a bunch of similar ones scattered across the site. Hope this helped!

Edit: I just looked over your profile. If all you do is voiceovers, leave your gigs as-is, or even cut down. They are all very, very similar. I personally believe you are better off with just one gig loaded with reviews, based on my 3 year experience here.

For me there was no “right” time and it has in fact changed back and forth. As a new seller I put a lot of gigs out there because I wasn’t really sure what to concentrate on. That helped me figure out some things I was good at. Later I also had to realize that what I was good at still wasn’t always the best thing to offer since if I don’t at least partly enjoy my work, it’s not good for me or the buyer.

I have gone back and forth between offering more gigs and less depending on lots of factors including how much time I have, where I need my income to be at a given time and so on. I would not suggest having a lot of gigs that are the same exact service or barely different. That is confusing for buyers and it spreads your reviews out too thin.

I have never had more than a few active at a time. I even rotate if I get board, while continuing to take custom orders for regulars.

It will be better to focus on one than to spread your efforts too thin. You need about 100 delivered orders on 1 gig to get your account off the ground.

Thanks for everyone’s input!

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