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Increasing the prices of My Services


Like most of the seller, I too was worried about what if I increase prices of my services, will I loose orders or I will see a revenue dip. I did have a lot of hesitation. I offer premium quality work across all my gigs so I had to increase the prices so I can justify the quality of Work that I am delivering.

What actually happened was that - my sales went up as a lot of buyers are infact looking for premium quality work. I started to get buyers who are looking for quality work and are more open for suggestions. Which is good as it is always a pleasure to work with such clients.

It could also be a reason that I am a level 2 seller and with new fiverr rating system, number of level 2 seller have reduced sharply - that could also have help. Whatever it was, increasing the prices of my services was a good decision. I am glad I did it.


Sellers and buyers, specially veterans and in business, professional environments, know this:

Mainly, you have to choose your MAIN attribute: fast, cheap or good. The secondary can be one of the other. But you can`t give all 3 without hurting your health, sales or brand name.

You have made the right decision, if you give quality, increase your prices so sellers know that is your main attribute.


Recently I raised my price too, after thinking about it for a loooooooooooong time.
So far I’m having no problems, I don’t see my sales increasing, but I don’t see them
going down either. I’m not sure how my other regulars would react, but I’m rather
I’m sure that while some people might complain, there will be plenty of people who
can understand, and in fact some people will say “It was about time, your price was way too cheap!” ( I had a few people tell me that in past, it made me veeery happy)


Increase the price.
Will help you earn more money.

But it also increases the risk of work on reject or cancel buyer.

And you will lose to the paypal dispute system


Just make sure you deliver the quality you are charging for. The image I sent says all really :slight_smile:

Increasing prices main objective is not earning more money, is more related to quality standards and brand name.


The price impacts buyers in several ways, not only what they will have to pay. It is also a quality perception, and gives confidence. Going low prices is the simpler, easiest method to compete with other sellers. But is also a risky one, as brand name (your name as freelancer) suffers from it. All is about what is your business model really. But I think the price should reflect the quality or buyers will be confused about the QoS (Quality of Service)


I am mostly in good and for Extra Fast Service, I am Good + Expensive :slight_smile: - I just can’t produce low quality work.

This is a great chart to give a good insight. Thanks a lot!!