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Increasing views, impressions on gigs

Hi all. I am new here and I need to improve my gigs. I have two gigs with some views and impressions but no orders. I have tried to go the buyer request route but there is nothing to show. How can I manage to improve my gigs and possibly get some orders?

Make sure there is a very well detailed description and good tags to go with. That goes a long way.


I have put forward well detailed gigs as seen in my link but there are no buyers yet. Only views, clicks and impressions but haven’t received any order yet for the past two weeks. What is the best way to optimize this.

edit your gigs and tags on daily bases and try to send buyer request and have little patience you will receive your first order very soon.

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thanks. when i click buyer request there is nothing to show.

its show on some specific times like late night almost 2 o’clock etc to send request you should check it time to time