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Increasing your sales on fiverr

Probably these tips are already mentioned somewhere by someone but I want to share my vision how to increase your sales.

First of all and most important design your GIG with creativity and professionalism.Put long and understandable description.Tell everything that you are selling with original ideas and simple.Also put VIDEO.Again Simple,Clear and Creativity one.In this video you should describe what are you offering and why are you offering it! Last about the GIG page,Put amazing SAMPLES of your work.

Ex. You are very talented graphic designer.Put your 3 best designs as samples.People will see that you are awesome and they will hire you!

Secondly.The traffic.How can I get traffic to my Profile/Gigs?

I was doing this for a while and it helps a LOT! We are living in centruy of “web lifes”.Share it on your facebook,twitter,instagram,linkedIn,meowchat everywhere that you have an account.Also make your own page on Facebook and Instagram just for sharing you designs.Put your fiverr profile in the description of your page or picture.If anyone is interested he will write you.Guide him through the fiverr registration and help him ordering from you.Keep the updates on pages every single day.Show to the people that you put 100% effort in your work.

Third.Don’t be rude or negative with your clients!

Some people are just too negative.They just want the money from the client.Be possitive,Be kind,Be lovely.For me one symbol like this “:)” always help me and all of my clients are repeated buyers!And what,I am not just for one order.I want long term working with them.

These are the tips that I use and helped me to get over 50 orders completed and I am just in fiverr from 3 months.I wish all of you to have amazing journey in fiverr because this is the best marketplace I’ve ever found!


Getoffice Team!