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Increasing youtube subscribers problem

there is a problem with my work, once i try to increase the number of subscribers in a youtube channel by my owns accounts or using sites , the number of subscribers in the channels don’t change :confused: , this problem is a 2-3 days duration till now, someone can explain to me what is happinig , is it a temoprary problem or youtube is doing somthing ??

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

Did you read the Terms of Use when you signed up with YouTube? Most social media sites forbid using any artificial means of increasing hits, subscribers, likes or followers. Doing so will often get your account banned or suspended. And those sites are continually finding ways to get rid of those fake hits. Sounds like YouTube figured out you were trying to cheat, cleared out the fake hits and deleted them. You are VERY lucky your account wasn’t banned (although that may still happen-do a search of these forums; I’ve seen posts from people who say their YT videos got deleted one by one as they got scrutinized by YT).

But I don’t see why you are asking this question on Fiverr; you should ask YouTube why they took your “subscribers” away.