Incredibly poor customer / technical service


Yesterday, April 23, 2015, in the early morning I had 60 plus orders, some of them in process. About mid-morning, I was not able to connect or reply to my sellers because whenever I tried to use the link I wound up in the FIVERR home page. Upon inspection, I realized that by now I only had 7 orders. The rest had been deleted by the system. The people (more than one) kept telling me to follow the link I had received, as if I did not know how to use FIVERR. This is to add insult to injury. Is there a way to improve what I feel is probably the worst customer service in the industry?

As of now, 36 hours later, the problem has not been addressed correctly, let alone resolved. Is there some responsible authority who can correct such neglect? Is there anybody who cares about the money and deals lost? Does FIVERR repair the damaged it caused?



Fiverr is under a hack attack. Everything is messed up. Funds have been stolen from several seller accounts and, as we all know, the customer service team has no right to call themselves customer service. This is probably the most unstable platform to be involved with right now. Unfortunately, I still have many dollars in uncleared funds and I will stay until I can at least recoup some of my losses.


I agree. They take 20% of your earnings and should at least have a 24 hour turnaround on tech support since there is no phone support. I lost so much money because the response time came too late to do anything about my situation.


I will say that when you get to Level 2 they do get back to you within 3 days, so that’s good.


It’s a scam…"The people (more than one) kept telling me to follow the link I had received, as if I did not know how to use FIVERR."

They are trying to get you to click on their version of the link. Once you do, your account will get withdrawn. It has happened to a few people. They probably were not real orders. And the system caught it and saved you and got rid of them in your account.


Reply to @empressjanet: Ok, though there is one popular scam going on where buyers do click and as soon as they do, their account gets hacked. I am sure there are other ways as well.

How would you have the ID, IP and email address of the hacker? Maybe because you have all that information they think it is you doing something? Just wondering about it.

Fiverr doesn’t always work, but there are a few other freelance sites if you don’t like this one.


I’m sorry to report that the “system” has done absolutely nothing to stop these hackers. This is the third time my account has been compromised and I have been told over and over again that the issue has NOT been resolved and my money is inaccessible to me.

This is simply unacceptable. With all of the money that Fiverr makes from our hard work, if they are not able to protect us upfront, they should at least make an attempt to, first of all, apologize, and then quickly plug the holes in their IT infrastructure.

And, just to be clear, you do not need to click on any links to have your account hacked. It has happened to me twice. I have the ID, ISP, and email address of the hacker. I gave it all to Fiverr. I guess they don’t care because, as of right now, "I have to wait another 3-4 days for my money. Yeah. Uh-uh.


@empressjanet Fiverr is finding, banning, and blocking hackers on an hourly basis, on every front. Scams and hackers are bad for everyone: Bad for Fiver Inc., FIverr buyers, and Fiverr sellers. They are doing their best to protect everyone.