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Indentations would be nice


When I am typing, I would love to be able to space out what I say in many manners, especially in my gig descriptions.

I am sure this has been suggested before, but I couldn’t really find it anywhere so I am not quite sure. Breaks in gig descriptions at least would in my opinion help a lot.


Reply to @bachas85: Yeah, I figure with proper separation, lots of people can clearly lay out what they offer, what all people will get out of extras, and just overall have a much more clear description as to their offerings. I guess we’ll wait and see! In the mean-time I guess random little distinctive markings will have to do. sigh


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Aren’t we all. Haha, :slight_smile:


I also want this. If I want to separate something in my gigs, I have to use those tacky star symbols :-<


Reply to @avi619: Yeah, that’s what I am using for now. Although, those stars do seem to draw in sales to some extras, so I guess that’s effective and i’m not complaining, Still though,


Reply to @bachas85: I have never had that happen but that sounds like it would be pretty annoying!


AGREED!!! Doing videos and getting scripts, etc. from buyers get screwed up very fast as Fiverr consolidates everything :frowning: Hard to converse without getting confused on my end and the buyers. And yes, when ever i use quotation mark it always goes to a jumbled mess of letters :frowning: hard to quote or can cause mess ups in scripts.

PLEASE ADD IT :slight_smile:



I agree 500$! … =D>

fiverr??? :-c



Reply to @solidslick: Yeah, hopefully they take a look. I mean, we can do it in forums so I don’t quite see why we can’t in Gig’s, too.


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Reply to @madmoo: Did they? I had no idea. Seems kind of weird they would get rid of it but I am sure they had a reason for it.