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Independence Day question


Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and doers: what does independence mean to you?

Here’s your chance to be featured in some of our Social Media campaigns! We’d love to use quotes from our community summarize what freedom in life and work means to you in one sentence.

How has the ability to choose where, when and how you work allowed you to pursue your true passions? We’ll attribute the quote to your username.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the US or not, everyone can help us celebrate the 4th of July—U.S. Independence Day!




An excuse to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and watch things go boom.


Freedom in work is not only in doing what we like to do, but in having the right to do what we should do.
Or simply: Having the right to pursue our dreams.

Something like that. :slight_smile:

Hope you folks have a happy and great Independence day!


Freedom means to me the ability to make my dreams a reality.

Earlier this Summer, I was declined a job in my field (IT). I decided to come to Fiverr and follow my goals of becoming a voice over artist. Since then, I’ve made more money than I would have made at the job, and I’m having fun doing it! The freedom to work when, where, and how I want has allowed me to pursue my dreams and have fun while I’m doing them, so I don’t feel drained at the end of the day.


Pursuing my colorful aspirations, resilience, the luxury and freedom to explore, discover & work on my brand; wherever I choose. Bonus: somedays heels & makeup, other days fuzzy slippers & jammies – don’t judge me. :pineapple: :us: :rocket: :fireworks:

I’m looking forward to July 4th celebrations. :tada:

Good times, good food, good laughs spent with friends & family. :heart::sunglasses::hotdog::hamburger::tropical_drink:


Being able to to work at times I would normally sleep - Is a blessing.


To be able to wake up every day and do what you love to do :fireworks:


As a retiree, independence is being a freelancer on Fiverr. I find freelancing to be the perfect profession for a lady enjoying her “golden years.” Freelancing makes it feasible for me to work from home as much or as little as I like. If I want some leisure time, I can put my profile on “Out Of Office” mode and do as I wish. Fiverr made it possible for me to retire early and still have extra income for those little extras that are nice to have in life.


Independence is what humanity and all animals are born into. We grouped into tribes, races, civilizations , countries and have put up some invisible walls called borders. There was nothing in the beginning. And there should not be in the future as well. Independence is who we are, and not what we want to be locked out of.


And within fiverr, independence is what a freelancer can achieve through a simple yet powerful platform.
We hope to be more free, and from that freedom… we hope do to more as doer’s.


As a caregiver for someone who fought for freedom, I would be unable to pursue my entrepreneurial passions if I couldn’t work anytime, anyplace and under any conditions!

I can sincerely say that Fiverr has made an enormous difference for me since I have 2 disabled veterans in my family and I have to divide time between them while still earning money and doing what I love. Fiverr has given me that chance since all I need is an internet connection and a keyboard to do the majority of my work. I wish my fellow Americans a happy 4th and my global colleagues a celebration of their own freedoms! :boom: :fireworks: :free: :clap:


I’m more productive when I work where, when and how I like,
Independence to me means ‘Exploring further my creativity’


For me, Freedom is being able to stand up on my own feet, don’t have to beg for anything ,do what I like, eat what I deserve and being a person what I should be.

How has the ability to choose where, when and how you work allowed you to pursue your true passions?

: Yes, Fiverr is giving the platform by enabling me to do what I am capable of. It makes me the boss of my own.Thanks


Being able to say no to what isn’t right.


take Control Over work and having a balanced life B/W and family


its means victory from other country and freedom




superb :smile: :blush:


Thank you! The trick is to never say what you really feel and always throw in a good beard somewhere. :wink:


Getting sh*t done while wearing my pajamas.

Doing the things you love, making your dreams come true, oh and all of that while wearing my pajamas! Life can be awesome!.

Both versions, clean and dirty!