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Independence Day question


Oh yess :heart_eyes:


Apparently my entry was too hot for Fiverr to handle. Pleased you liked it though. :slight_smile:




The luxury to have no commuting time any more, freedom to carefully listen to my inner clock, to eat healthy fresh food when I am hungry, home gym sessions during my pauses to refresh my mind, working totally concentrated in the “flow” without interruptions and loud music on that inspires me, wearing the look I personally like and feel this day, taking some natural vitamin D while working outside, taking care for my family and pet without bad conscience and last but not least: saving tons of money by taking some holidays without asking when flights/hotels are cheap and the top spots not overcrowded! Total game changer!!


And being able to sleep at times I would normally work - Is a blessing too!


Being able to make anywhere an office when needed means the typical work week has disappeared, now it is a life week. Some periods involve earning money, others don’t and switching between the two just requires a laptop and WiFi - that is extremely liberating.

I have traveled more and taken more breaks away in the past 3-4 years than in the previous 20.
Short, rejuvenating breaks to a hotel, hostel, campsite, etc at a time when prices are cheapest because other people are stuck in the work week cycle means I can get rock bottom prices on a Tuesday in October for example.
All the while, I can keep up on my work with a few hours in the morning and just experience life from a different place. Sometimes I just up my delivery times and have an almost complete break from working. The freedom to choose this is independence.


@Fiverr-Social stop being a lurker - live up to your name, don’t just like posts but reply to something, drop a suitable meme or gif, tell us how working for Fiverr gives you independence - or not. Come on. We don’t won’t bite.


I am a freelance writer, but I didn’t used to be. I used to work in the fast food industry. Giving me the ability to work when and where I want has allowed me to work for myself full time, and do a lot more side projects without feeling drained from all the physical work I used to do. I also get paid more now than I did when I worked a “real job”, so I consider that a major plus.


Being able to schedule my work around my life and what I want to do and especially around my family is so valuable! For example my teenage son has an exhibition of his work at school today in the middle of the day. His Dad had to ask his boss in advance to change his shift today and will possibly miss the last 15 minutes of the presentation, whereas I just shifted my work around to fit in to my life and I’m going to enjoy the full presentation, then taking the rest of the day off with both my kids to celebrate.

Oh and I love being able to sometimes just go for a run or walk around the local beaches in the middle of the day, just because I feel like it :grin:


Just celebrate, as much as you can.


A reason to eat franks, ground sirloin sandwiches, and watch things go blast.


Freedom is what the animals inside zoo cages have not experienced since a long time. Freedom is what they want badly and we have it but don’t value it.


Go to bed and wake up whenever I wanted. There’s no need an alarm clock in my bedroom. Working on orders feel tired then take some break and making sourdough bread or baking some wood fired pizza are another whole new level of freedoms to me, and of course always be together with your loved one is awesome.


independence cannot be explained through words.


I had a blast! :tada:

Curious :cat: :thinking:

Have y’all spotted any of the SM :us: July 4th campaign from Fiverr?


Just sleeping and sleeping all day long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: