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Indexing of My Gig



I am yet to fully master how fiverr works. I have just joined fiverr and set up my Gigs on Traffic generation, social marketing.

But, it can’t figure out if my Gigs have been indexed in the fiverr’s search engine. So, I need help from experience user here.





Hi and welcome.

All your gigs are labeled “new arrival”. You will need patience to get your gigs rolling on Fiverr. It can take weeks and even months.

In the meantime play around with your tags, keywords and gig descriptions. You can search your tags in the search box and see where your gigs show.

And just as important as the Fiverr search (and maybe even more so) is the promotion you do outside of Fiverr to direct qualified traffic and buyers to your gigs.

Your gigs are in a very crowded field on Fiverr and the competition is fierce. You’ll need to be very active and creative in promoting your gigs.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


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Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks so much for this Advice. I have been promoting my Gigs on social media sites and hope it pays off