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India vs. South Africa - ICC Champions Trophy


Winner goes through to the semi-finals, loser goes home. Do or die. Damn, this shouldn’t be happening to the two best cricket teams in the world. They should have been playing in the final. Anyway.


Last night I dreamed , Bangladesh reached to Final by beating South Africa :smiley: :smiley:


They will play either India or South Africa, let’s see.


really, both teams are lost against pakistan & srilanka so how u say “best cricket teams” :wink:


Based on their record for the last 3-4 years. It’s not just about one or two games. So, since Bangladesh have got ahead into the semi-finals instead of Australia in this tournament, does that make Bangladesh a better team than Australia?


Great bowling by India. Hope there are no surprises when we chase.


Well done boys, good job.


So it’s Bangladesh vs India in Semi :smiley:
(I think nowadays BD vs Ind matches is more temperamental then Inv vs Pak matches)
Hope for the best :wink:
Good Luck Team India
Good Luck Team Bangladesh