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Indian Bank Transfer

Hello there Indian Fiverrers. I’m a little confused about the Bank transfer payout method. I do not have a PayPal so Bank transfer is the only way I can withdraw money from Fiverr.

Okay, assuming I have earned 20$ through one of my gigs, then Fiverr will take 4$ out of the 20$ as a processing fee. Now, when I try to withdraw the remaining 16 dollars through bank transfer, it tells me it will charge me an extra 3$. So, in the end, I’ll be getting only 13$ out of the 20. Is that right?

Now the reason I made this post was to ask if all the money I earn through my gigs will directly be sent to my Bank account after the 14 day fund clearance time. After 14 days, will I have the option to send the money to my bank account myself or will it be sent directly without me having to do anything? Because if the latter is the case, then I think I’ll be at a huge loss if they charge me 3$ for every 20$ that I earn.

Basically, if I withdraw 125$ (5 transactions of 25$ each), I’ll be charged 20% of the cash (25$) as the processing fee. I’ll have 100$ left with me. Then I’ll be charged 3$ per withdrawal = 15 dollars. So, overall, I’ll be charged a whopping 25+15 = 40$ out of the 125$ I earned, leaving me with 85$ only. That’s a bit insane to me because my gig costs only 5$. It means I’ll have to perform my gig 8 times, just to pay for the charge that Fiverr takes.

Someone PLEASE tell me if what I said is true…I might be completely wrong here. I need your help.

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You should open a pay pal account that will take 4.5% on every withdrawal you make
As the transaction you mentioned
If your order is 125 then after charging the 20% you will get 100
And if you withdraw through payoneer you will get 85 but if you use pay pal You will get 95.5
Which is beneficial for you.
Hope this help you🙂

This is not processing fees…this is fiverr fess…later fiverr will make $16 available to you…
Now about bank transfer. when you are using Payoneer, they charge $3 per transaction so rather then making 4 different transaction its wise to make 1 transaction of $100 so you end up giving only $3…

so fiverr’s 20% is a different thing , you’ll only get Net amount in your fiverr acount after deduction of 20%, and when you transfer, Payoneer takes $3 out of that. No matter what amount you transferred.

For Indians…Payoneer is better option as it only charge $3 and not % from your amount…
So better switch to payoneer and avoid paypal for fiverr.

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Right now I can’t open a PayPal because of some problems…

Thanks, one last question. After 14 days, will the money be transferred to my account without my permission? If the funds can be collected over time then I have no problem.

No !
Amount will be credited to your fiverr balance…and you can withdraw later any time you want by clicking Direct bank transfer button…
I usually do once or twice a month…

Awesome! Thank you so much…I was scared that my funds would be transferred to my bank immediately after I get 20$ and I would have to pay 3$ every time. But now, I know that’s not true. Thanks again. And thanks @shrutiiiii405 for replying as well.

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