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Indian Fiverr - PayPal or Bank Transfer?

Hello Indian Fiverrers,

I was reviewing my pay out method and looking forward to know what you guys prefer.
I always used to use PayPal but thinking to shift to Bank Transfer now.

Here’s a rough calculation that made me think about trying Bank Transfer. Let me know if I am short of knowledge about this.

Let’s take $1000 payout as example:

1) PayPal option:

  • Fiverr to PayPal ($1000 - $1 = $999) transferred to PayPal = $999
  • Less: PayPal receiving charges: 4.4% Flat + $0.30 = ($44.26)
    Not deducted on Fiverr withdrawal
  • Net amount received in PayPal = $999

PayPal to Bank ($999 @ 61.84/-) = INR 61778.16

2) Bank Transfer Option:

  • Fiverr to Payoneer ($1000 - $3 = $1000) transfered to Payoneer = $1000
    * Less: Payoneer withdraw charges: 2% on total amount = $19.94
    Not applicable to Indian sellers

Net USD transfered = $1000 @ 62 (approx) = INR 62,000.00

Net benefit = INR 200 (approx)

So, only difference is of $1 and small exchange rate difference

Is there any other hidden charges I am missing out?


But I don’t think so, I am using paypal and it only charge $1 per withdrawl

Yes, Bank Transfer is much cheaper than paypal. I have recently transfer my money to bank account.



Check your transactions history in PayPal.
PayPal deducts 4.4% + $0.30 on every money receipt


I’m from sri lanka .Many Sri lankans use Payoneer for withdraw they money.
Trust and Safe :smiley:


The PayPal 4.4% + $0.30 fee is applicable if you do any direct sales or get money directly from clients or if someone sends you money directly to PayPal account. So, only $1 will be get deducted.


Both are good options.

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How much time it takes to get the amount in direct bank transfer?

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Indian sellers using PayPal to withdraw money from fiverr are at loss.
Payoneer is free for India and there are no charges for withdrawal through it. The information provided on fiverr website about 3$ per transaction does not apply to sellers in India.

Your PayPal calculations look more or less accurate, I don’t use it for fiverr but clients with whom I work directly, the charges are as you said. Below is an image which shows the net amount I received on 20$ withdrawal.

This below image is for fiverr withdrawal through Payoneer - Withdrawal amount was 960$


PayPal is a bad idea for Indian sellers due to always low conversion rate than Payoneer. The transactions are also a lot faster for Payoneer.

The only disadvantage for Payoneer is when you work with clients directly.


If you make a withdrawal request at 2-3 am then most of the times you get money in your account by 3-4 pm same day.


Thanks for your reply; What is the fees? I always use PayPal & will try this option next time.

There are no fees. Not for joining and not for transactions as you can see in the screenshots I posted.

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I have used bank transfers recently and there are no commissions, if you transfer 300, you will get 300 net

For its part, payoneer discounts $ 30 annually debit

This last of the annual payment, it is very important to know it since I did not know it at the time.


Thanks, the annual fee is applicable for India as well?

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You should mention your location as the post was for bank transactions in India where there is no annual fee. It will confuse sellers.


Thanks will try tomorrow.

@agwakash hi thanks for sharing it … but as I know that intially payoneer charges 25 usd before withdrwal . so i think paypal is much betetr option

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IIRC Payoneer doesn’t charge that fee for Indian users.

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@dgwritings It varies in different countries, today I tried Payoneer and there are no fees at all, even there is no $3 loading or annual charge for India. I got the whole amount :smiley:

Yes you are right, I just checked my last transactions and only $1 was deducted.
Thanks for pointing this out.