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Indian Fiverr - PayPal or Bank Transfer?

Yesterday I did a test withdraw via Payoneer and got the whole amount. The same was credited to my bank a/c after 8hrs. Transfer time and USD-INR exchange rate is better than PayPal.


Yeah. Paypal is Boring site :expressionless:

But there is only one drawback with Payoneer, I can’t add more than one bank account.

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Payoneer Gives 3 Bank Accounts adding for one Profile

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In my case they are not allowing to add more than 1, saying if you need to add other account, remove the existing first. May be a new account that’s why …

I think you should contact payonerr cs

can you tell me how to do that?

Pm bro :wink: its long

I recently made a withdrwal via Payoneer to my Indian Forex Account (USD) and I was charged 2% fee. Did anyone experience this?
Was it because I used a USD account there and not INR account?

I have noticed that if you withdraw before 1 or 2 hours when they send email that money is transferred to your bank account, normally you will receive email on 10.40 am and 1 pm then you receive money in your account by 5 PM, maximum 6 PM.
So at the very last it you withdraw money at or before 12 pm then you would get it till 6 PM…
So in short, if you withdraw before 12 pm you would get it the same day, else it would be transferred the next day.
P.S: Indian Time is mentioned.

Most Asians and Africans use payoneer because there are no restrictions and cheap service fees

Hello this is a question for all my Indians friends out there, did payoneer just started deducting $3 as a fee. Because the last time I did it was free.

Oh no!
Can you provide a screenshot so we understand better what exactly you mean and we are on same page?
You can of course blur out personal information shown if any. Let’s sort out the matter :slight_smile:

I just made my first transfer with payoneer and it deducted $3.98 from the amount! :dizzy_face:
Is this normal fee?

I must share that i withdrew $52 only!

There was no fees till march, so I transfer regularly any amount more than $20. But on my last transcation, I saw that Payoneer is deducting a flat $3. If you transfer $20 (min) you’ll get $17, if you transfer $100 you’ll get $97. Now I think it’s better to move PayPal again.

@bigvee Is there any other charges other that $3 if there is only $3 and if we were trying to withdraw more than $500 because of PayPal’s conversion rate is less than Payoneer. Or you suggest something if you have something to share

Yes for higher amount Payoneer is best, be it $50 or $500 it’s $3. Yes, they took 2% conversion charge again USD. So, if $1= INR 75, you’ll get INR 73.5 which is better compared to PayPal I think.

Yes, I guess PayPal provides 7% less conversion rate from the current currency rate, So, for big amount Payoneer is better,

Here is the example

if we withdraw from Payoneer $1000 to INR we will be received 74,235INR ( conversion rate:75.9826INR against 1USD) this price include $3 charges & 2% conversion rate

and if we withdraw from PayPal $1000 we will receive 70663.818( as PayPal provide 7% less conversio )


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Yes. Also Payoneer is very fast. If you initiate withdraw on any working days between, in 95% cases you’ll get credited by same day evening, while Paypal is very slow normally 2-3 days or more as per my experience.