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Indian freelancers and GST

Hello to all fellow Indian freelancers. I’ve got a question for you, After introduction of GST how is this going to affect me as a freelancer. Is there any information regarding GST which should be known by all freelancers? There weren’t many rules and regulations for freelancers before but is there going to be change in how tax works for freelancers?

Please enlighten me.

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Is GST good for Indian Freelancers?
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:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

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@writer99025 Thanks for the list.
To summarise,

Any person working as a freelancer, casual worker, working from home

Need registration under GST when total supply crosses 20 Lakhs(10 Lakhs for north-eastern states)"

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Freelancers can’t raise invoice as third party of any Marketplace website :slight_smile: So you don’t have to worry about GST. that’s not applicable for freelancers, who do work as third party!

Fact is Fiverr do generate invoice for any buyers as name of fiverr Not by Seller Name :slight_smile:

That information is wrong… the limit is 20 lakhs/year from freelancing/work-at-home. But how many freelancers make Rs. 20 lakhs/year? Anyway, we pay tax - it is called income tax. I am charged at 30%…if I am charged under GST, I will actually pay at a much lower tax rate.


You should register under Start-up then you don’t have to pay any tax upto 50lc-2cr for next 3 yr. in india :slight_smile:

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My CA is an old man who I hire because he was my father’s CA as well and has been doing my records for 12-14 years. He is a good guy, very honest, but has no knowledge of these things. I don’t want to hire someone else either. Will ask him to do some research.

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How can we do that?
What will be the scenario after 3 years? I mean, will there be any relaxed slab or the general slab after 3years?

Read all rules about start-up india. govt promoting new startups for start their business with tax relaxation. after 3 year, if your business do run then you have to pay tax as like normal company does. maybe govt can exempt after that also - who knows?

contact your CA about registration process.

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Here is a detailed article about GST for freelancers https://■■■■■■/xsCw38

Hi! have you received a notification or mail from paypal?
Their services will attract 18% GST rate, link-
any idea how it will work?