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Indian Stock Market is Even More Uncertain than Fiverr

Indian markets are down by 400 points today because Vishal Sikka CEO of Infosys resigned. This just goes to show how uncertain the markets are, even more uncertain than Fiverr. I was actually planning to invest big in Infosys shares two weeks back when they were available for 980. Decided against it and was beating myself about it as the stock price rose to 1050+ yesterday. Now because of Sikka’s resignation, Infy shares are below 900. Would have lost 3-4 months Fiverr income had I invested. Phew! Reminder for me: Never invest in individual stocks, always invest in mutual funds. [CC: @ghemachandar1 bhai]


LOL…#Infosys is now a top worldwide Twitter trend, even “Vishal Sikka” is trending worldwide in the top 10. Amazing.

Nothing is certain in this world/life except change (there will always be changes) and death (everyone is going to die someday).


Lucky You :slight_smile:

ooooooo! Let’s hope it’s a short term dip.

Infosys problems, however, is a bad omen indeed. Infy along with 2 other top IT companies form the bellwether for the industry and no one wants to hear bad news from them.

But what I find more appalling is that spate of accusations and allegations :astonished: First it happened at Tata and now happening at Infy. Being industry leaders, they are expected to behave in a more… say, dignified manner.

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Hmm… I’m not sure if that’s actually true :slightly_smiling_face:

Mutual funds tend to ‘average out’ the returns by investing in different stocks. Sure, you are protected from some risk this way but also lose potential high returns by investing in individual stocks.

From what I heard, if you are investing in direct stocks - you should diversify into different companies and into different industries. Such an portifolio protects the investment from inflexion points such as one infosys is going through.

That said, Mutual funds will always be a great option because it doesn’t any time time unlike active stock investing.

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