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Indian Stock Market Set To Zoom Now... [ARCHIVED]

The Narendra Modi government passed the greatest tax reform in 50 years, which means all states in the country will have the same tax rates - so far the tax structure was incredibly complicated, now it has been made simple. This should add 1-2% to the GDP rate and do wonders for the stock market :slight_smile: Good job Modi Sir!

Just wait and see what happens in when the next US president get elected. Usually a new president is when they pull the plug on the economy so the last one can say “Oh no, not on my watch,” and the new one can get launched to fan fare by blaming everything on the exiting dude.

Also, what do you mean regarding universal tax rates? Does everyone, rich and poor now pay the same rate of tax like in Hungary? Or is it just states themselves which now all have to abide by a more centralized tax structure?

No, no…nothing to do with personal tax…this has to do with business tax or sales tax. Now every business in every state will pay the same tax. Personal taxes are still progressive, charged at 10%, 20% and 30%.

TRUMP 2016!


please no!

When the national security agencies briefed him recently as they do to all candidates for President, 3 times he asked “do we have nuclear weapons?” and then asked “why don’t we use them?”

It wouldn’t be so bad. Everything would die except the cockroaches, which would presumably morph into a hideous 1950s B-movie supermutant and conquer the world.

I suppose various humans would survive and live in those huge underground cities that apparently exist? I think I’d rather just be vaporized by the initial blast.

All of this is incredibly relevant to Modi’s new taxation policies, of course.

LOL…you know why I have given up commenting on U.S. politics…every day Trump says something stupid and it becomes more difficult to defend him. I’ve accepted the inevitable that Hillary is going to win by a landslide.

Maybe with Cruz, the Republicans had a chance. Too bad. Don’t think there will ever be another Republican President in my lifetime. The demographics are against them and the young people, especially young women have become raving socialists.

Aaarrrggghhhh… Not again!

You make raving socialism sound like A Bad Thing! :wink:

Google “Venezuela + Crisis”.

Don’t underestimate the vast majority of stupid people who will vote for him.

His lifetime of wealth has insulated him from understanding the most basic facts of life.
This is a game for him to win. The way he constantly creates enemies in his mind of everyone is truly frightening.

I’ve written a couple of articles on Venezuela, …not sure if I can share the links here.

Given the choice, I’d vote for Trump. Like it or not, the US economy is tanked. The military is overconfident, over funded and the interventionist foreign policy which the US uses is hated the world over. Ok, people in Europe hate the idea of ■■■■. However, I don’t know anyone in the real world (ie non-Internet people/trolls) who don’t blame everything happening now on the illegal war racket that Bush and Blair led the world into with Iraq and Afghanistan.

With Hilary, you get more of the idea that debt is okay so let’s just raise the debt ceiling a bit, more proxy wars based on questionable pretexts which will only lead to more worldwide instability, more lies, and yet another role of the political dynasty dice which America is supposed to be built around making impossible.

In fact, the reason Trump is so popular is because he’s self-funded, calling out crooks like Hilary, and tabling actionable ideas to fix America and the world’s problems. Meanwhile, all those against him can only say “Oh Golly listen to what he’s saying now, it’s horrible!”

Well folks, generations of babies being born inside out in Iraq because of the depleted uranium your friendly neighbourhood Bush dynasty dropped on them is also pretty horrible. As is the heath care racket in the US which sees you have the developed world’s highest infant mortality rate. In this case, maybe people should realize that faffing around being offended by he said she said political nonsense is actually more dangerous than a man with a bad wig.

Just my opinion, though.

@emmaki My plan for nuclear armageddon is to have a Pimms party on the roof. No one drinks Pimms anymore and it would be nice to give it a good send-off.

More interestingly, there are a lot of caves and catacombs under where I live and as well as being outfitted with houses and bars in some places, they are rumoured to stretch all the way to mainland Italy. In this case, my Armageddon Pimms party could also see the party survivors become the pioneers of a brave new subterranean world where we would feast every evening on the limbs of the giant mutant cockroaches which came our way.

It could all be quite fun actually. In this case, if Trump does get elected, I will have to remember to get some mint in.

Ah… Not again!


Sam Harris articulates some of the reasons Trump is bad:

The problem with Trump is that he can’t stay quiet. Going after the Khans (US Muslim war hero’s family) was a big mistake, will cost him the election.

And yet setting up an illegal and insecure home email server in your home basement which you use to secretly communicate in an official capacity under the radar of the checks and balances and accountability of the government you work for won’t cost Hilary Clinton the presidency?

This is my point. People need to loose their obsession with media sound bites and rhetoric and focus on actual issues. Neither Trump or Hilary should be anywhere near this race. They are only in it due to fantastic wealth, existing political and business connections, and their ability to buy and shake their hands out of trouble when they need to.