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(Indian users) Why am I having to fill these extra details before publishing a new gig?

I have already made 4 gigs on Fiverr in the past. But today when I tried making another one, I was asked my tax details before I could publish my gig.
This has never happened before. In fact, my last gig was made 2 weeks ago and this didn’t happen that time. So I guess this is a new rule. I am not even earning enough to be eligible for income tax, let alone GST.
I looked up the forum and no one is talking about it.
Any idea what do I have to do here?
Thank you.


You should contact the CS.


Irrespective of whether you earn enough income, there are certain services on which the Income-Tax Act, 1961 requires you to deduct tax and Fiverr is merely complying with the same. If you do not earn enough income and would not have any tax liability, you can just claim a refund by filling the details of the tax deducted at source while filing your Income-tax return.



It is new for everyone. If you have YouTube Channel you got message there also.

It is regarding anything from or to US they want people to pay taxes.

So your income from US clients will fall under tax regulations unless your country had contract with the USA.

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Hello all. I’m a new seller on Fiverr. There seems to be some conflicting information reg registration for GST across various threads. Could anyone please definitively throw some light? And how should we respond to “How is your service taxed?” asked by Fiverr? Thanks!

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Are you getting the same message as the screenshot?

I am also looking for an answer to this questions

@soumyadeep94 @ansaritechs

Just in case someone reaches this thread for answers.

I never filled that form because I didn’t seriously need any new gig after that. But since there are many new members who want to make their first gig, I think it becomes necessary for them to fill all the information as asked. So just do it without hesitation. I met another kind person in my inbox having the same issue and he later completed the form without any problem.
Later you might also be asked to fill GST information. Just say no if you aren’t registered under GST if you aren’t. Then select Export under “How is your service taxed” question.
This is what the person selected and what I will be doing when I need a new gig.

Just read these 2 articles from the Fiverr support pages and you will understand everything:

I hope this helped solve your problem.