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Indians - Anybody seen Raees?


Wondering if I should watch it this Friday? Good film? [Dangal and Sultan were the last two Bollywood movies I’ve seen, they were very good.]


Yes …i think most of us have seen it…Second day first show…Nice movie…But Dangal and sultan was much better …


Going to go in just 15 minutes :slight_smile:


Like wrestling much?


Did anybody Watch out Kabil?


No…not as much…but after watching sultan…i watched some of the WWF shows …and it seems quite interesting actually…

@writer99025 You will like it…Have fun


Another flop from Shah rukh I guess… loved Dangal


@nipisingh, “Kabali”?

@divyagoel, “WWE”? Btw who is your favorite? :slight_smile:


I watched two or three shows only…Just wondering myself surround by John Cena and undertaker on the ring who keeps staring at me with there angry looks…


There’s actually a new flop movie called Kaabil coming up with Hritik Roshan in it. I feel bad for this actor. Started out so well, but then surgery, divorce, false case from Kangana, and now this flop film.

@writer99025 how many movies do you watch in a month? do you like video games at all? I’m mostly into games. If it’s a movie in a series (Batman, Kung Fu Panda), then I try to catchup, otherwise it’s a miss.

Currently this keeps me busy :

It’s about World War and the politics of that era. Nice stuff.


John Cena is my all-time favourite but now it seems like he has passed his prime. Brock, BigShaw and Khali are perhaps the best now.

@silkroute, I rarely watches films, but got some serious crush on video games. Do you play GTA or Hitman?


I can go months without seeing a movie, and suddenly might watch 2 or 3 a month, if the movies are good. 2 weeks from now, I am going to the multiplex again to watch a Hindi movie on the Indian Navy and the 1971 war, starring a top Telugu film hero, Rana Dagupatti.


I loved it. I actually liked Nawazuddin Siddique who plays the police officer better than Shah Rukh Khan, who plays a criminal. My favorite scene was the end when the police officer shoots the criminal…I have zero sympathies for criminals, no matter how hard the director tries to make them appear heroic.


I like Dangal but sultan is ok :slight_smile:


Haha I see why you worded it that way. Saying the name of the movie might cause controversy here. What has this world come to! :joy:

@taverr I’m tried GTA, and Hitman once and they didn’t catch my fancy. I prefer FarCry for exploration type of games and SplinterCell for first person shooter.

PS : Did you know that Flipkart has a job opening called ‘gamer’. All you have to do is play games all day and write reviews of those games on the ecommerce site.

As soon as the opening came up, all Indian engineers across all companies started looking for two files on their computer :

Resignation letter
Resume letter. :joy:


Seems like I need to get something… :grin:


Yes …i have seen khali wrestling but not impressed much…will go for bigshow and brock show now for sure…

@writer99025 …I like Nawazuddin Siddique role too and he is all time favorite to me…But don’t like the ending as it goes too flat… the criminal must be punished but ending must have little punch in it…The only thing i like are the dialogues…