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India's Economy Collapses As Brexit Happens [ARCHIVED]

On the plus side, David Cameron, having made a collosal pig’s ear of the whole affair is going soon, and I am now never to return to my country.

Oh well. Good luck India. You should leave the Commonwealth. Britain wants to be really, really independent, you see. Should give the racist morons what they want.

This has nothing to do with Fiverr–I just want to rant about my now ex-country.

…and maybe have a dig at someone while doing so :wink:

It’s ok, Sinn Fein have had the idea that there needs to be a vote on a united Ireland. If that goes through then it will save the UK £10 billion which they can use for India.

Sturgeon’s also calling for a second refedendum on Scottish independence, Cameron’s resigning, Corbyn is facing a no confidence motion, the £ has plummeted… the shit keeps piling up! The one thing I did note was that Cameron–short of bursting into tears about how his promise had made him pretty much the worst British PM in history (especially if it sparks off the devolution of the UK) with a porcine footnote for schoolboys to giggle over, is that he thinks it is “inappropriate” for him to guide the UK through this mess, so nothing is going to happen until Westminster ends the latest bout of back-stabbing in October/November.

Do you think that Ireland could be united peacefully? This is sparking something of a crisis–I can see the politicians agreeing to have a vote on it themselves and just remaining anyway. But that’s also terrible.

A fine mess, Mr. Cameron. How anyone could admire this spineless failed PR millionaire is beyond me.

Where are you writer? I haven’t seen you around for a while!

So yeah, the downside is that Britain dropped a big, steamy bomb on the global economy by voting to leave the European Union. But on the upside, since I live in Canada and get paid in US dollars, my paycheck just went up.

You should see my Facebook, it’s a hot mess of people screaming at each other (I joined in, naturally). Mass defriendings, "why can’t we all get along?"ers, and my personal favourite, a Briton who is…well, his parents were immigrants, who currently resides in Taiwan celebrating the “victory”–or “Independence Day” as he called it. I think he might have defriended me now. He was a crashing bore anyway.

May the Canadian economy continue to prosper. I’m thinking of shifting to offshore banking in order to not lose all my savings because of xenophobic bullshit.

Lol, Ireland can’t afford to be united for mainly economic reasons but we have also just got used to being separate. Even talk of reuniting will devolve into something less productive than the seagull discussions.

There are a lot of people who cannot log into the forum so I reckon that’s where Writer is. It’s affecting most of the mods too.

Shame, forum’s a bit rubbish without the sparkling wit and entertainment of the regulars. I hope it is fixed sooner rather than later!

I can certainly imagine any discussion of union devolving into Angry Irish Shouting Match 2016 though. I’d probably watch that.

OKay, Writer’s back! What a day! I began by mourning over Brexit and ended by celebrating it. Our markets only fell by 2.2%, so it’s all good. Great job England, thank you for giving Obama and the global elites the middle finger. Democracy has won!


Good man Cameron, sorry that he had to go. Perfectly dignified exit. So Trump’s cousin takes over the UK. GREAT!

Democracy hasn’t won yet! Not until Cameron is replaced by someone with a completely different idea of how the country should be run to what was outlined in the last election campaign and he/she is confirmed in the position by the unelected Queen, then and only then can we truly say that democracy has… em… wait, what?

PS. Irish markets plummeted btw…
PPS. Welcome back

Thanks…it wasn’t like I was getting any work done, watching my stocks the whole day, wondering whether to sell a few of them or not…glad I held on to them. There’s just one stock I’m worried about, Tata Motors, which owns the Jaguar and Land Rover plant in the UK, so it has a strong exposure to the UK and that stock has plummeted…but it is a blue chip company, so I’ll hold on. Rest all, very good! IT stocks will suffer in the medium term, but nothing to worry about. Feeling of relief, to be honest. The first day was important, now that we have dealt with it very well, and with the earnings of most companies looking good, I would imagine a lot of FII money is going to come to India because of Brexit. So might be a blessing in disguise!

Well, this is a ripe old disaster. I’m with Emmaki on this, though, there is no way I’m stepping foot in the UK for the next few years now. Of course, that’s going to be hard with not having free movement anymore… But with a Scotland and NI now set to go, what a bleeding disaster. The UK’s chief export is literally going to be Greggs pasties.

And all these people celebrating and just buying into the Boris as next PM line like that’s somehow logical??? Where is the sanity in it all?

You’re right about the crisis in the making @Emmaki. What I’m worried about now also is the emerging resentment of the EU towards Britain. Unlike in Ireland where they demanded a 2nd referendum for the Lisbon treaty after they didn’t get the result they wanted, they’re now, “right, let’s be off with you then.”

I’m just pleased I grew up when I did and at least git to benefit from the good bits of the EU.

Meanwhile, Ireland is just reminding every American company that we also speak English and we basically let you choose how much tax to pay if you set up here.

Well Malta’s already a base for Europes online gambling industry and HSBC. Plus they sell their language schools on the fact that English is the second official language. Maybe I’ll get lucky and that and the Commonwealth card will see me allowed to live as normal.

The whole vote came down to to xenophobia and racism on the leave side. You can dress it up anyway you like but that’s what it came down to. The rubbish about saving 350 million a year and using it on the NHS was dismissed as soon as the result was announced. All the so called savings the leave crowd have been crowing on about the country would make have been lost over the past 8 hours on the markets. In. One. Day.

Dear Mr and Mrs Brexit. you see that big red line on the FTSE. That’s your pension going down the toilet and you voted for it.

Leave politican’s are already backtracking on promises and statements changing “will” to “should” & people who voted leave are already crying and saying they made a mistake and coming out with this “I didn’t know my vote would count” If it didn’t count why did you vote.
There should never have been a referendum in the first place. Putting a decision like this in the hand of the electorate was madness.

What about the statement regarding the 250 million pounds a week we will save that is given to the EU.Here’s a newsflash for those bozos who voted for this nonsense thinking European laws will no longer apply.

When we leave the EU we will probably have to join the European economic area to trade & these laws that people think will no longer apply, WILL, but we then cannot vote on them or negotiate on them and will have to accept them as they are and will save the vast sum of…zero. There will no longer be any representation in Europe at all. So what is this vote all about? Immigration,xenophobia and idiocy.

Scotland will now probably vote again and leave this time. As for the welsh. What were they thinking voting to leave. They get a massive amount of investment from the EU. That’s going to be lost and what are they going to do <sarcasm> mining </sarcasm>?

This vote should never have happened and Cameron has probably presided over the start of the break up of the UK.

For anyone on here thinking it will not affect them. I think you will find it already has.

To be fair, markets have largely recovered…FTSE fell by 8.7% in the morning to recover substantially to a fall of a reasonable 3.1%

It was bad, but not as bad as many said it would be.