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Industrial & Product Design Category Update

We’re very excited to announce that today we launched NEW services under Industrial & Product Design category (former “3D Models & Product Design”) :rocket:

We made big changes and restructure the whole category while migrating over ~10K gigs to the new redesign.

With these new Industrial Design services, using advanced technologies like 3D Printing, 3D modeling, and rendering, sellers can now cover all phases of the product design process, from initial concept to complete design and manufacturing!

Check out our 5 new services:

If your Gig is in one of these categories, no action is needed. They have all been updated automagically.


Great! More categories are going to be separated into more sub-categories :slight_smile:

Did you see this and made corrections or no?


i got this update and fiverr ask to update metadata according to my expertise. i have updated all the metadata categories and green ticks are showing in front on each, but when i tried to save it, it shows the following notification
metadata could not have been saved mandatory metadata is missing.

what should i do? should i wait for some time?

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Thanks for the feedback. Looking into the metadata issue now.

thank you it is now solved.

i am able to edit and save metadata

I saw the issues with the metadata, explained what needed to be changed, why it needed to be changed and where to find the correct data by pointing out multiple professional sources such as the professional magazines for people in our field of work.

Whilst I could offer the complete metadata listing as I believe it should be, it would be highly unlikely for a professional company to readily accept the answers a single source gives them. Thus, Instead of handing the corrections on a silver platter, I decided to point out the most prominent magazines featuring our career, to use as a source.

Naturally, a simple google search for the relevant metadata, or looking up prominent companies active in our field of work, should give a clearer overview as to what is most relevant to us as well.


That’s a Good Movement