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Ineffective feedback system?

I made an order with a 5 star vendor. Vendor “submitted” work a day late but the submission was empty. He claimed to have problems with Fiverr’s upload system. He then requested I submit a request for modification after which he would submit the work. It is my belief he did that submission so his work would appear to be submitted on time. I have the option of canceling my order. However, if I cancel my order I can’t submit a review and this seller remains 5 star. If fiverr is keeping track of job completion dates it seems vendors are gaming the system.

A seller may resubmit (“redeliver”) the work any time after the initial submission until the order is marked as complete. As a writer, I often deliver a writing and a day or two later redeliver it with any changes I’ve found when reviewing with fresher eyes, so I know this is true. A seller that requests you submit a mod request either doesn’t know what they’re doing or is trying to game you into thinking you’ve done something wrong.

Submitting a modification request/rejecting the order will stop the order from automatically closing. You can continue to request changes or reject the order until the seller actually delivers the product. If they use the delivery button to send you messages (which some sellers do as a way of gaming the system) then ask them to send you a message, not a delivery, and inform them of the quick-response box at the bottom of the page. If they refuse or continue to send empty deliveries, you can make your case to Customer Support via a ticket and hopefully Customer Support will warn or punish the seller who is abusing the system.

Yes, unfortunately from the buyer’s perspective the review system can seem a bit odd. You can only review if you actually purchase and cancellations mean you can’t review. However, from the seller’s perspective I can say that oftentimes difficult buyers bully sellers by threatening bad reviews to get additional free work, so sellers use a cancellation to prevent being bullied as such. If you don’t spend money, you don’t get a voice.

Fiverr upload system actually blocks some ISPs from time to time. Mine is blocked due to their CloudFare system. I sometimes have days where I can’t upload. I deliver ‘blank’ and ask them to reject until I have time to move to another computer.

I have had more than my share of upload problems on Fiverr. Some days things work out great and other days no matter what I do, I can’t upload. I wish customers would realize some of the problems on Fiverr the vendor has no control over…if there is a problem where I can’t upload my gigs, I have to get Fiverr to fix it.