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Ineligible for the level one?help?



I contacted the CS and i got this reply
I don’t get it why i have become ineligible for the level one?
I haven’t done any violation?

Does sharing a Dropbox or we transfer link for a portfolio causes a violation?

Please help me out ,I am pissed off for real :disappointed:


It says ‘without any further violations of our ToS, excessive order cancellations or late deliveries’, so it can be any of those.
Unfortunately CSs tend to write such sybillic messages instead of pointing people to the exact issue.

Make very sure you read the ToS they linked you to, if it wasn´t excessive order cancellations or late deliveries, because further violations of ToS if it was that, may not only keep you from level eligibility but might get your account suspended.

If it was excessive order cancellations or late deliveries, I guess it´s nothing to worry too much about other than trying to avoid it to get eligible again in future, but better make very certain you know the ToS and you haven´t maybe accidentally done anything mentioned in there. Not saying you did anything, only better check very carefully the ToS and make sure you understand everything written in there, to be on the safe side, they are pretty long.

There is a list of URLS one may use for profile and gig descriptions, I´d suppose portfolio counts as part of a gig description.

If you know that sharing those links is the only thing from what they told you as a reason can be possible, you could try to ask CS if that is the problem.

I´d also blur out the name off the CS staff whose message you shared in the screenshot.


Dropbox is ok to share but not we transfer, whatever that is.

fiverr will move you to level one quickly I imagine if you don’t break the TOS and deliver the orders without being late or have many cancellations.


dropbox URL isnt alowed to use :confused:
I have checked the urls that are allowed
OMG I didnt know that i was providing dropbox link to everyone because i have my portfolio in it :confused:


It is OK to use dropbox links. Many sellers use it to show files to buyers.

NOT we transfer, as far as I know.


Thankyou so much for your help
I was using dropbox link that isn’t allowed on fiverr

I dont know where to upload my portfolio now so i could share it with people on fiverr


I can’t see dropbox in here :confused:


I know that many sellers use dropbox to DELIVER files but maybe not in a portfolio.


apparently we can use wetransfer but not dropbox
thats not fair -_-