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Inequitable Cancelation and lowering Order Completion %


Let me describe my situation and a battle I have fought with a Customer Service.

  1. Sometimes ago I have spotted that user XXX is using my work as his/her in his/her gig

  2. I have reported this user and in the claim I said that this is my work and I have done it for a client YYY for the order ZZZ in 2017 year (yes, one year ago) and ALSO that my work can be visible on my website [and posted a link to my website and the work I have done]

  3. Someone from the Fiverr team has deleted the gig with my picture from the user XXX who has stolen the picture from me and used as his work

  4. Additionally, after a few days, the staff member did not understand something and canceled ZZZ order thinking somehow that because it has been displayed on my website (which is, again, mine website) it is not not an original work which is not true obviously, because I work on Fiverr but presenting my work on social media and on my website too.

As a result, they deducted some amount of money earned in the canceled gig and lowered my order cancelation rate by 10% leaving me on the border of 90%.

After trying to explain to them that they made a mistake and sending them a proof that my website, where I am presenting my work (a screenshot from PayPal, a screenshot from my domain provider and also I even posted a big picture with a text “THIS IS MY WEBSITE, A PROOF FOR FIVERR, DEESAJN” on my website front page) they finally agreed that that was an Inequitable Cancelation and reversed the amount they have deducted from the cancellation.

But the Cancellation Order is stil lowered by 10%. And you cannot change it, despite this is not my fault. When I have asked them about it and this is their answer:

“Unfortunately, all cancelations go into the order completion rate and this cannot be avoided.”


  1. they have generated the problem
  2. they falsely accused me of stealing my work from… me
  3. they agreed that they have made a mistake
  4. they left me with the problem (lower cancelation rate)

This is extremely surreal for me. I feel like a someone in a Czech comedy of a Kafka “Process”. And in my opinion the cancelation farce (especially a mutual agreement and cancelation because of the client fault) should be ended ASAP because it is illogical and ridiculous.

Fiver is gathering very bad reviews in a social media (you can see it especially on Facebook in the comments to the Fiverr’s advertisement) and very bad press. Fiverr, get your things together before it’s to late.


If you present the work you did for clients on your social media and your website do you get their permission first to avoid any copyright issues? Maybe it would be safer not to present the work done for the client on social media/another website.


Every client who I have done a project for has agreed that my work for him will be presented on my website.

As for a social media, the same case. Moreover Fiverr itself encourages to share the completed gig in the social media by providing links.

But this is not the issue in the whole cancelation problem here anyway.


But isn’t that the gig itself and not the actual client’s work (though the gig page may show the client’s work but only if they’ve selected the option to show it - ie. they control it). Without their permission, since they own the copyright to the work, you could get in trouble by putting it on other sites even to show off your work I think.

Yes, Fiverr should (if it doesn’t already) change their system so any errors on their part can be made to not affect stats.


Indeed, I am not sure if the share button after the completion is for the gig or for a work in the gig, you might be right it is for a gig generally, but as I said this is not the case here, I only share works which we agreed with the client to share. The case here is an irreversible completion order rate, irreversible even if the whole problem was generated by Fiverr like in my case.


I wouldn’t put all my eggs in just one basket, sharing gig is one thing but make a personal website linked straight to fiverr is a little bit risky.


I have never linked my website to Fiver. It’s not allowed and violating TOS.


No, it’s not.

You can have a website which points visitors to your Fiverr gigs/profile, but you can’t share that website with buyers once you’re working with them on Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why? If you pack up doing Fiverr you can point links elsewhere.


I meant you cannot have your private webiste URL in your gig description or a profile description.