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Inequitable restrictions and false advertising displayed by Fiverr

About one month ago Fiverr restricted my LEVEL 2 badge
because of my Order Completion rate which was 70%.

At the date of 15 february 2018

I also lost my Level 1 badge because of the same stats.

ALL my stats are ABOVE 90%, only my Order Completion stats are 70%.

I do not find it FAIR that a sellers will loose his badge and rank
just because in a realistic marketplace some cancellations are simply unavoidable.

YES, do reflect them in a seller`s stats, but why restrict his LEVEL?

I always deliver Quality Work, my revisions are excelent! I have ongoing and
very happy clinets.

Then, Fiverr system comes and restricts my Badge. Not only that it restricts my badge,
BUT now I appear in their system as a NEW SELLER - which is TOTALLY MISSLEADING
for the clients because I am NOT a new seller. I work here for the past 5 years,
I am experienced and very competent in my domain - however - my STATUS is NEW SELLER
which is a completely false display.

It feels like a very harsh punishment for a good and dedicated seller
to have his Badge restricted and a false status
displayed by Fiverr, considering that I am active here for 5 years and my
clients are 99% happy.

Even MUTUAL cancellations will contribute to Rank restrictions, which is
extremely unfair - why? because they are MUTUAL. Clients dont complain, I as a seller dont complain, we go on and we are happy that we took a civilised and fair
decision togheder.

But even so, I as a 5 years experienced seller, lose my rank even if the cancellations were not my fault,
and I am left with a fake display that says I am a “new seller”.

This is very bad for a seller`s business, as well as for Fiverr because in this way,
you provoke the seller to consider migrating to another freelancing websites with more fair play policies.

Quality buyers will choose the best sellers, not a “newbie”. It is profoundly wrong and false
that I appear in the “newbie” category considering that I am not a newbie.

Dear fiverr team, please update your system, this is profoundly unaquitable and demotiovating.
With such a high level of sensitivity and focus exclusevely on what is “wrong”, even if that "wrong"
does not negatively impact the seller, nor the buyer, you are turning your own policy agains it`s own scope.

It is just not realistic to leave a good seller (sorry for lack of modesty, but I am a good seller) with no rank at all and with
a false advertising, just because of a ONE low stats, even if ALL OTHER stats are excellent and clients are HAPPY (see the reviews).

I suggest you to upload your system because this is toxic for all of us - sellers that seem to be ignored for all their performances and only be evaluated for their downside even this is insignificant, you as website and clients who are missleaded that I am “new seller” with no experience, and provoke them to not buy.

Thank you for reading and please consider updating this.

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i agree many sellers are complaining about the new system but its for our and fiverrs good if there will no challenge for us to keep up with standards then that there will be no fun
you’ll need to maintain standards to keep earning that level and badge otherwise

i agree some buyers place order mistakenly and that cancelled order cost our rate of completion ,i believe fiverr will resolve this issue

dont give up get back up your comback should be stronger than your set back

and your standards calculate on duration of 60 days so you’ve mentioned that you had no cancellations after 15 feb let pass 60 days since your last cancellation your rate will be back

best of luck hope this helps

regards ,

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Buyers can read the reviews, as well the Gig descriptions.
They can, also, take note of the number of reviews.

Speaking of toxicity, I read your remark as toxic, either towards buyers and new sellers.


Hi Ana, We feel your pain. Back January we got demoted from Level 2 to Level 1 take note that orders completed was at 75 and Delivered on time was at 68 so, it’s way lower that your declared stats above so we got no choice but to HUSTLE! We did everything that we can to get back to level 2 and to bring back the stats that we earned previously. Right now we just keep on aiming to go up!

That is why we encourage our buyers to message us first prior to ordering to avoid those gigs that are being cancelled. Make that big note on your gig description =) Hope this tip helps and keep on hustling!

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I was newbie at some point and yes, as a newbie it is normal to have some extra difficulties, it is just in the nature of things and that is fine. (just realism over sensitivity)
Still, this is not an argument to be called something that you are not.

The fact that buyers can read a description it`s not an excuse for false advertising - they will also read that too - here is where the confusions take place.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Thank you for sharing, I agree that they want to motivate and their intention is fair, but the method they are currently using is rather absurd with this occasion.

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Ever had a friend who always seems to let you down? Either that or someone like a social vulture who wants to hang around while everything is cool, but inevitably just wants to cause disruption in your life?
Well, that’s basically Fiverr.

Sady, asking Fiverr to change is as futile as giving CPR to a crash test dummy. All you can do is ignore it and walk away before things get too crazy.

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Also, while I don’t think ‘false advertising’ is the right term, level demotions are a nightmate in terms of individual seller brand identities.

Seems you’re not aware of Levelageddon!

Thank you for sharing, please allow me to say - I don`t think is futile to let them know, if we make a point, they will listen - they listened in the past as well. With this particular occasion - I, once again, strongly believe that we are making a point.
At the end of the day - if this is what generate more income for them, they will not change it indeed, but if it does not, they will update it. From my side - they definitely lost a considerable amount of financials after this event occurred.

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Such a good term! :smiley: