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Inexperienced and Strange agent on Customer Service

Recently i contacted the Customer Service regarding the issue of displaying tests on our profile. I gave a test and got 9.5 rating in it. But the problem? The problem is that when i view my profile in Public mode (buyer mode) the test name is hidden, only the rating is shown. But when i view my profile in edit mode, test name and result can be seen. I contacted the support for this reason and below is what they mentioned. I have copied their text, not posting their screenshot as i am know whether its allowed to post their ss.
Text below:

Hello there,

I understand your concirn totaly.

The thing is once you switch to buyer mode it is not possible to see the test.

Everything is fine with your test, do not worry.

Let me know if you have any more assistance.

Best of luck.

Now, firstly in their response, they have plenty of spelling mistakes. Not to forget that in their previous reply, they had spelling mistakes in that even just like this one. Secondly, they are saying its not possible to show the test on buyer mode (public mode). I dont understand this, when the rating is shown but not the test name then what supports their line ?

The thing is once you switch to buyer mode it is not possible to see the test.

Other mistake, have or need?

Let me know if you have any more assistance

I am yet to respond them, please guide what exactly should i write as what i feel is that the Agent assigned to is not aware about Fiverr things. Veterans please advice. Thanks


When I view your profile it shows “Fiverr English Test” and your score. You could also view your profile with a logged out browser.

If it shows incorrectly in the public preview mode or another test does, attaching a screenshot of it would help them understand better. Also explain that you’re talking about the test name and test results (not the actual “take a test” option if they thought that). You might sometimes get another CS person responding in the thread who might be able to deal with the question better.


Attached are two screenshots that shows the problem in buyer and edit mode. I attached the screenshots even when i contacted the CS.
They understood the take a test option. I am talking about that, the one shown in profile not the gig compulsory test please.
Thank you

Like I said, when I view your profile (and you can see it too with a logged out browser) it shows “Fiverr English Test” and the score. Basically it’s showing your profile (with the test results) correctly to buyers, even though it’s not showing it correctly in your “preview public” option.

You can attach the screenshots to the support ticket so it can help them see where the problem is, but it seems like it’s just a problem with the “preview public” mode in your case, not how it is shown to buyers (though I’ve seen other profiles where it does omit the test name).

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Actually with “?up_rollout=true” on the end of the profile URL it shows your profile correctly, with the test name.
Without that on the end of the url it doesn’t show your profile correctly - it misses out the test name.

I’d show a screenshot of both in your support ticket maybe.

Okay so i checked like this, and can be seen once logged out. So you are right maybe my preview public option is not working. Quite surprised the agent couldn’t identify but you. I will contact the agent once again and tell him about preview button problem. Hopefully CS does not deny that.

I dont understand this. Please show screenshots

The following link shows your profile with the test name missing but with the test score:

The following link shows your profile with the test name and the test score (correctly):

I don’t now what the “up_rollout=true” is for - it’s in the link on your forum profile, maybe it’s intended for mobile devices?).

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Yes i viewed it being logged out and you are right. So what exactly should i write, can you tell in easy words like how should i explain? The agent needs easy english to understand i guess

You could explain it how I’ve said above, with screenshots like the ones above they’ll understand better.
Just explain that the buyer is not getting to see the test name, only the test result (unless it’s with the up_rollout=true bit).

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Thanks alot for clarifying. Infact try out for the CS agent position, you are more experienced than the agent i am dealing with right now :laughing: . I’ll reply back once they respond. Thanks

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lol I did laugh reading this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well although the CS is quite clearly not english, or there first language.

No matter,
The point being as in Buyer profile, indeed you won’t see any of your test scores, as they are related to your “Seller” Account. Hence why you don’t see anything when switching to Buyer Mode…

Its that simple really…

Best of luck…

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I disagree with this one though. Suppose a buyer visits my profile, he can view the test but if i view my profile as buyer i cant? Doesnt make sense

The preview public mode is to see how someone other than you can view your seller profile (what it looks like to everyone other than you , when logged in), including how buyers can see your (seller) profile. The main point of the tests is so that buyers can see your test results. If they can’t see the test name but can see the test score, it’s not working correctly.


As uk 1000 pointed out.

You have to view in a different manner.
You can also disable view test results.

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It’s not really, it’s that there’s a bug in how it displays it. And Fiverr should really fix the bug.

eg. click on one of the OP’s gigs, and then from that gig, click the OP’s profile and view the profile. Look at the test score and you’ll see the name of the test is missing. That’s the bug (it shows it when ?up_rollout=true is at the end of the profile link but that doesn’t automatically get added when you view the profile from eg. a gig link).

So buyers probably won’t be able to see what test the OP got that score in, even though they can see the score.


Please go through @uk1000 explanation. I guess you have misunderstood.

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Update to my yesterday’s post. Now I literally want to abuse the CS.
So i sent the CS details like @uk1000 said, below is what i sent them:

Hi there,

My problem is not solved. What’s the purpose of the test when it can’t be viewed by the buyer. I am talking about the "Take a test option’’. Also i did my own research and found out that i can view the test on my profile correctly if i view my profile once logged out. But i also noticed that once i view my profile with this link: (link not added in forum due to forum rules) test name is missing and when i view my profile with this link: (link not added in forum due to forum rules) i can view the test name and results properly. I don’t know what this up_rollout=true is and maybe the preview button(public mode) is not working properly.

Please note that these things can be noticed once I logged out from my account. I have attached two screenshots that show the profile with and without the "up_rollout=true’’. Files are renamed even.
Looking forward to your reply and positive feedback.
Thank you and best regards

This is what i sent them and below is what they responded with.

Hello there,
Hope you are doing well.
I got a reply from my team.
They informed me that this skill test is something that is only needed for you to be able to publish the Gig and not to show off to buyers.
Let me know if you have any queries.
Best of luck.

Like i mentioned clearly about the profile test, and they are again thinking about this Gig skill test. Please tell if i didnt cleared things out in my email to them. And can we request them to switch us to another agent? Is it allowed, and polite? What to do? Thanks
@mariashtelle1 @frank_d or any other veteran please guide?

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I don’t see what you are fighting for :wink:

Some CS agents are pretty bad. I had to explain one agent how fiverr works and what features it has.

However in this situation this bug doesn’t stop or block your work, it doesn’t affect ranking or anything else and simply quite irrelevant. A lot of buyers can’t even read the gig description so how big are the chances that they will open your profile to check if you took any tests or not (I’m sure 90% buyers will say they didn’t even know it existed)


Well I spent around 35 minutes on that test and it would be pretty sad to hear that it cant be seen. They should then remove the option if they cant solve the problems related to it. I am aware not many buyers read the description or test, but since i had already gave the test it should be seen atleast.
So due to Fiverr Inexperienced Agents, we should start compromising? This will be increase another number of Cons of Fiverr.