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Inexperienced developer

I have assigned developer to work for my application, and after he agreed to have the tasks i gave him my application code, with full server access, he did not send me orders to pay for him, he told me if you are not satisfy don’t pay me, the guy did not do anything to my web app more than 4 days I just chat with him, he just giving my excuses that he can’t generate the data base, and he is facing problems with opening with his PC. the app is working perfectly without any problem, but he is targeting to have the code for free, and to show me that he is working for my app but my app has problem .any way i believe that i have right to sue any person who offer or reselling my app code inside or outside FIVERR. These inexperienced developers who subscribe themselves as a professional to work but there are looking to steal your app code or job or even your time.
I assigned two developers one of them ****, he took the code and fixed some features and , I paid for him 20$ +fiverr fees and other one his name is **** he took the code for free without doing anything .
Just be careful guys when you assign any person

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I guess you should remove his username. As a tip, make sure to request for projects which he had participated in or created, Make sure that it’s similar to what you need from him, if not don’t make the payment.


i dont need him any more My friend , i just wan to show to the people that not everyone can work here without experience.

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Definitely. I understand what you mean. I went through the seller’s profile and saw that he has just 1 review. (Not that I’m saying it’s bad). For some projects, it’s better to contact sellers with a little bit more ratings since you wouldn’t go through such a problem again. After all, it’s a loss and a threat to the seller once he cancels the order and tries to use your work as his own.

why you removed my complain this is my right , do you want to keep your site clean without problems or complains,

You were asked to remove the username per the forum ToS. :slightly_smiling_face:

why he accept to work for my project when i showed him the tasks , i believe he can reject if he cant make it ,but as i said there job just to collect as much as they can codes and re sell it again .

i will not remove it .

No one is responsible for that. There is a rating system in fiverr which helps you to select a seller who is qualified to work on your project. Make sure to adhere to a few simple decisions before making an order. A cheap price may not always come in handy. If you believe that he stole your work, you can report it privately to fiverr.

the rating system is not correct , will not help me .i dont think that i will pay big money for small tasks .i was looking for some one who have experience in .net and as it mention in his profile that he have 10 years experience in .net ,i selected him to work for my project after he sent me 10 messages .asking me to hire him .

Usually, when I get buyers who seem to think that the world is out to steal their business products and ideas, they are the most garbage products and ideas you could ever wish to come across.

You didn’t actually pay somebody to work on your product because they said they would wait until you were 100% happy. Then you paid someone $20 who did fix something with your app and then you didn’t pay someone else but had them look at it too?

No seller here seems to have done anything but try to please you in return for what is essentially the price of a budget dinner for two at Mc Donalds. And yet you think they are all out to get you?

Anyway, no, sorry, you can’t sue any of the sellers whom you have decided to slander even if they do steal your precious code. Unless you have paid $5,000 for a provisional patent on your amazing application, anyone can take your code, copy it, make it a bit different and release it themselves.

That’s why if you have any kind of business acumen and/or a product of real value, you don’t send lots of copies of the prototype out to lots of random people on the Internet before then going on to try and publically trash their reputation for no reason.

Good luck with that.


I think most of those 10+ years experience are plain lies, how can someone be 20years old and have 10+ years of experience doing something? The reason why you are asked to remove the names of the sellers is because no one knows if your story is true or not. Some sellers would try to tarnish the reputation of other sellers by calling them out.

the agreement to pay him 50$ for small things but he asked me to pay 20 $ and the remain of the amount will be at the end .but he did not complete the full tasks .

i can sue any person for 1$ if he steal anything .

the sellers is because no one knows if your story is true or not. Some sellers would try to tarnish the reputation of other sellers by calling them out.

i dont care if they believe or not , i have all the conversations and the files .

Great. I’m thrilled for you. Go find a lawyer.

why you care , and why you protecting him .

Because you are breaking forum rules by publically trashing people on the basis that you think you have been ripped off by someone you didn’t actually buy anything from.


If you didn’t send him an order and just let him work like this, I guess you can’t really do much? I mean you don’t even have an open order with him you could cancel. If I write a book now and give it to someone on this platform to have it edited without making an offer, without paying in advance for the work the proofreader is going to do, I can’t expect the person to work for me.

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where is the rules ,do i have to keep him stealing .